This is an airport in Anguilla

Wall Blake Airport n'ont été goudronnés qu'en 1968, les travaux de rallongement entrepris en 1974 et ayant porté la longueur de piste à 1 097 m n'ont pas suffi à en faire un aéroport international.
Wall Blake Airport AXA TQPF The Valley Anguilla Island Anguilla Auguste George NGD TUPA The Settlement Anegada British Virgin Islands Beef Island Terrance B Lettsome Airport EIS TUPJ Road Town Tortola/Beef Is.
Wall Blake Airport (Anguilla), Ålesund (Norway), Anguilla (Dominican Republic), Arroyo Anguila (Dominican Republic), Antigua and Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda), Anguilla Channel (Saint Martin), Tambo Anguilla (Peru), Anguilla (U.S.
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Wall Blake airport * Town * Golf course * Exercise facilities * 20 minute drive to Hospital Additional Information * Due to the nature of the island the internet access is not always reliable...