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Obihiro airport Depart from Sahoro > bound for Obihiro airport Depart from Kamui > bound for Asahikawa airport
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-Obihiro Airport, and local attractions include Nawa Insect Museum, Nagara River and the castle atop of Mt. Kinka. The hotel offers amenities like banquet facilities, cafe, laundry services, room service, bar / lounge, conference facilities, parking facilities, ...
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-Obihiro Airport * Rishiri Airport * Sōya Main Line * Nemuro Main Line * Sekishō Line
Obihiro Airport To JR Obihiro Station By Bus Duration & Fare: approx 40 mins, 1,000yen By Taxi
Obihiro airport (42° 43' 59'' N,143° 13' 1'' E) and land at Tokyo Narita airport (35° 45' 50'' N,140° 23' 27'' E). Obihiro is 2 hours ahead of Tokyo Narita.
Obihiro Airport
Obihiro airport (121km) * Memanbetsu airport (140km) * See all airports in Japan.
Obihiro airport, rolled on to the tarmac, and discharged three very glum looking passengers, our skipper and our two chief petty officers.
-Obihiro Airport * Rishiri Airport * TOICA * Sōya Main Line * Nemuro Main Line * Sekishō Line
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Obihiro Airport by bus * 2hrs 16mins on the JR Limited Express from Sapporo * Approx.
-Obihiro Airport, public bus serves to Tokachigawa Onsen via JR Obihiro Train Station.
Obihiro Airport where you'll be transferred by bus for the 70km trip to Sahoro; or into Sapporo where you travel by train from Minami for two hours to Sahoro. Phone 0800 737 000.
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