This is an airport in Antarctica

Williams Field, ANTARCTIC at 4:55 AM SUN JAN 1 2012 - Local Weather Forecast Calendar Powered by HWdata Weather Feeds Saturday Mar 10 Sunday
Williams Field, Antarctic List of seas in Antarctica Amundsen Sea, Bellingshausen Sea, Davis Sea, Lazareva, more, Mawson Sea, Riser-Larsena, more, Ross Sea, and the Weddell Sea The Country dialling
Williams Field, Antarctica (lat -77.8500°, long 166.6667°, altitude 24 metres) (data present) NZIR 3.4 miles West Ice Runway, Antarctica (lat -77.8667°, long 166.
Williams Field, Antarctic YSSY 99012 L-18 8:00 NZWN - Wellington International Airport NZCH 6332 B55 13:45 NZWR - Whangarei Airport NZAA 6328 B55
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