This is an airport in South Korea

Suwon AB, Republic of Korea Joint Base Honor Guard, Suwon AB, Republic of Korea From 1987-1989, 81170, Combat Support Units/6170th Combat Support Squadron7 by Newsom Nov
Suwon AB with a JATO bottle With the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, elements of the 51st were dispatched first to Japan, then to South Korea.
Suwon AB, Sep-Nov 1983, while runway repair went on at Osan AB. Converted in 1983 to the OA-37B "Dragonfly" twin-jet aircraft, only to switch back to the OV-10 two years later.
Suwon AB, 2003 * F-4E, 76-0499, 152 TFS/17 TFW, RoKAF, Daegu AB, 1980 * F-4E, 68-0421, 156 TFS/10 TFW, RoKAF, Suwon AB, 1998 These markings will definitely set your favorite 1/48 F-4E/RF-4C kit apart from the usual decal subjects! I wish this set were available in
Suwon AB ROK, Mather AFB CA Avionics Master Instructor USAF Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Defense & Space industry 1977 – 1990 (13 years) Last position I held in the USAF was Master Avionics Instructor at Beale AFB.
Suwon AB, Repubic of Korea * Wing Weather Officer at 3rd Weather Squadron, Detachment 3,
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Suwon AB Seongmu AB Chungju / Jungwon AB Daegu AB Seosan / Haemi AB Cheongju AB Yecheon AB On this page you can find the aircraft order
Suwon AB, South Korea, October 7, 1950; Kimpo AB, South Korea, October 28, 1950; Pyongyang, North Korea, November 25, 1950; Seoul AB, South Korea, December 3, 1950; Itazuke AB, Japan, December 10, 1950; Kimpo AB, South Korea, June 25, 1951; Suwon AB, South Korea, August 24, 1951-. Commanders Col. William T. Samways, -May 19, 1951; Col. Edward O. McComas, May 19, 1951; Col.
Suwon AB, southwest of Seoul, but retained maintenance and supply elements at Tsuiki AB, Japan, to provide rear echelon support.
Suwon AB, South Korea on temporary duty assignment and became special assistant to the 51st Fighter-Interceptor Wing's commanding officer, his old friend Col. Francis S. "Gabby" Gabreski.
Suwon AB, Korea USAF CC08 F-100D Super Sabre 56-3000 20 TFW, RAF Wethersfield USAF CC09 F-105D Thunderchief 59-1743 338TFW, Korat AB, Thailand USAF CC10 Shackleton MR.
Suwon AB to pick up a patient and the Joint Medical Attendant Transport Team (JMATT) which flew commercial air from Honolulu, HI to meet up with the patient at Suwon AB.
Suwon AB, KOR 5 KMIS 4 Litton, William P.
Suwon AB 152 FS/17 FW F-4E Cheongju AB 153 FS/17 FW F-4E Cheongju AB 156 FS/17 FW F-4E Cheongju AB Approx Current Aircraft = 7+ - TURKEY - Turk Hava Kuvvetleri Unit/Squadron Name Model Wing/Base 111 Filo Panther F-4E 1 AJU ESKISEHIR 112 Filo
Suwon AB Unit: 6170 SPS 1982 1983 Travis AFB Unit: 60th SPS 1979 1982 MacDill AFB Unit: 1st & 56th SPS 1975 1979
Suwon AB at the end of the Korean Conflict and Puerto Rico. John completed his Air Force career at Keesler AFB, 3380 Avionics Maintenance Squadron.
SUWON AB 85-86 LOOKING for friends...
Suwon AB 510907 EB-29B 44-84111 HQSQN Eglin AFB, FL APG BOF 3 Deatrick, Eugene P.
Suwon AB, Korea, beginning in May 1951, and relocated there in Oct 1951, with maintenance and supply elements remaining in Japan until Aug 1954. Ceased combat 27 Jul 1953.
(Suwon AB), South Korea, June 1953 AIRFIX 1/72 kit Anyone can see this photo All rights reserved Uploaded on Jan 27, 2012 0 comments de Havilland Canada DHC-3 'Otter' de Havilland Canada
Suwon Ab
Suwon AB (K-13), South Korea (October 1951 - July 1954) * Naha AB, Okinawa (August 1954 - May 1971) * Osan AB, South Korea (November 1971 - Present) Aircraft Assigned The 51st FW’s aircrews have flown a variety of aircraft, including the P-40 Warhawk, P-38 Lightning, P/F-51 Mustang, F-80 Shooting Star, F-82 Twin Mustang, F-86 Sabrejet, F-94 Starfire, F-102A Delta Dagger, F-4E Phantom
Suwon Ab RKSX - Camp Stanley RKSY - Yongsan Hp RKTA - Andong RKTB - Paekado RKTD - Taejon Kor-Afb RKTE - Songmu Ab RKTF - Taejon RKTG - Camp Walker RKTH - Pohang Ab RKTI - Jung Won