This is an airport in Belgium

Spa - La Sauveniere (SPA / EBSP) Belgium March 31, 2008 (PH-CDL) Landing at Spa RWY 23. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This video is only available to premium members until it is activated.
Spa - La Sauveniere (EBSP) Belgium, September 19, 2004 Remark Photographer OO-JMP (cn 208B0173) Taking off via 23 with another load of skydivers...
Spa - La Sauveniere, Sint-Truiden, St-Hubert, Goetsenhoven, Weelde Military, Genk, Brussels Airport, Flughafen BrĂ¼ssel-Charleroi, and Flughafen BrĂ¼ssel-Zaventem Leaders of Belgium The Country dialling code of Belgium is +32, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Belgium is .