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Skien-Geiteryggen This station is not reporting.
Skien-Geiteryggen, Norway (lat 59.1850°, long 9.5669°, altitude 141 metres) 01475 27.9 miles West Skien Geiteryggen, 8, Norway (lat 59.1833°, long 9.
Skien-Geiteryggen, Norway Stord / Soerstokken, Norway Sorkjosen, Norway Svartnes, Norway Sandnessjoen / Stokka, Norway Tromso / Langnes, Norway Torp, Norway Trondheim / Vaernes, Norway Vadso, Norway Stavanger / Sola, Norway Location: Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Sweden Geographic coordinates: 62 00 N, 10 00 E Map references: Europe Area: total: 324,220 sq km land: 307,860 sq
Skien-Geiteryggen, Stord - Soerstokken, Sorkjosen, Svartnes, Sandnessjoen - Stokka, Tromso - Langnes, Torp, Trondheim - Vaernes, Vadso, and Stavanger - Sola Leaders of Norway List of seas in Norway Landmeen The Country dialling code of Norway is +47, and the TLD (Top-level domain) of Norway
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Skien-geiteryggen * Fagernes Leirin * Notodden * Roros Lufthavn * Dagali * Vaernes *
Skien-Geiteryggen = * M
Skien-geiteryggen Sklinna Fyr Skrova Fyr Slatteroy Sletnes Fyr Sogndal Sogndal Haukasen Sognefjell Sor-nesset Sorkjosen Sortland Stavanger Stavanger Sola Steinkjer Stokmarknes Stord Soerstokken Storkmarknes Skagen Stott Stromtangen Fyr Stryn Sula Suolovuopmi Susendal-bjormo Svalbard Svalbard Lufthavn Svartnes Svinoy Fyr Svolvaer Svolvaer Helle Tafjord Takle Tennevoll Tennholmen Fyr Tingvoll-hanem Torp Torsvag Fyr Torungen Fyr Tromso Tromso Langnes Trondheim Trondheim Vaernes Trysil Vegstasjon Tryvasshogda Tveitsund Tynset Ualand-bjuland Utsira Fyr Vaagsli Vadso Vangsnes Vardo
Skien-Geiteryggen Official Station 02/02 07:50:00 -10.0 -11.1 93 5 West - 1041.