This is an airport in Ecuador

Quito - Mariscal Sucre (UIO / SEQU) Ecuador, May 7, 2005 Remark Photographer HC-BLE / FAE-691 (cn 19691/487) Arriving into this amazing scenary.
Quito - Mariscal Sucre Airport : Including: > Best Western Plaza Caicedo Shyris 1757 Y Naciones Unidas (1.
Quito - Mariscal Sucre (UIO / SEQU) Ecuador, January 22, 2007 Remark Photographer HC-CER (cn 23847/1414) After taking this photo, we had to run to the car for shelter as it started pouring.
Quito - Mariscal Sucre!!! Buscar un billete de avion Ida y vuelta Solo ida Salida de Llegada a Salida el Vuelta el Adultos Niños (2-11 años) Bebés
Quito - Mariscal Sucre (UIO / SEQU) Ecuador October 28, 2007 (HC-CFK) A new angle for an ILS approach into Quito's runway 35. There was some turbulence in short final but fortunately the landing was smooth.