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Point Salines International airport, the Rex Grenadian Hotel is built on a sprawling 30 acre estate. The resort is styled after a traditional English country hotel.
Point Salines International Airport receives most flights, but you may continue on to Carriacou aboard a ferry or in a smaller plane on a short flight to Lauriston Airport in Hillsborough.
Point Salines International Airport, in the capital St. George’s and ten minutes from Grenville, the second largest town.
Point Salines International Airport 34nm (63km) SSW (rec'd 2012/03/09 12:42Z): TAF TGPY 091230Z 0912/1012 10014G24KT 9999 BKN018 BKN038 BKN100 TEMPO 0912/0916 7000 SHRA BKN015 BKN036 BKN100 BECMG 0923/1001 08010KT PROB40 TEMPO 1000/1006 6000 SHRA BKN016 BKN036 BKN090 Runways (top) - 09/27: 2,625 ft (800 m) — surface unknown Latest comments (top) - No comments yet for Lauriston Airport More...
Point Salines International Airport(IATA: GND)(ICAO: TGPY) is located on a peninsula in the extreme southwest corner.
Point Salines International Airport (PSIA) early Monday for Barbados on his way to his homeland.
Point Salines International Airport and the picturesque town of St. George's. Excellent potential.
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Point Salines International Airport and 20 minutes from the capital city of St. George
Point Salines International Airport (GND) * Acceptable Forms of Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) * Languages Spoken: English * How to Get There from Abroad: International flights land at Point
Point Salines international airport as he was intended to leave Grenada to attend a Congress in East Germany and then visit his wife, a Cuban citizen, who was expelled from Grenada by the
Point Salines International airport * Grenada Golf and country Club within about 5 kms * Grand Anse beach, about 6.5 kms * Nearest supermarket is about 2 kms * St.
Point Salines International Airport to be renamed for ex-Premier Maurice Bishop.
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Point Salines International Airport (PSIA) were established on the 28th October 1984. Our forecast office began in 1987, with Mr. Wayne Williams being our first meteorological Forecaster.
Point Salines International Airport), is just five minutes from St. George's, the capital.
Point Salines International Airport, this office handles all flights with the loading & unloading of freight, tallying & transporting of such to our bonded warehouse at Frequente.
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Point Salines International airport is less than 10 minutes drive from the villa.
Point Salines International Airport, in the north-eastern part of the main island of Grenada.
Point Salines International Airport, this property is within walking distance of a marina, hotels, restaurants and other commercial and recreational concerns.
Point Salines International Airport is opened and flights are operationing on schedule. Banks, financial institutions, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, and other businesses have likewise resumed normal operations.
Point Salines International Airport - Grenada Coverage Area Volume 2 - The Grenadines, St Vincent and Barbados Volume 2 covers the Grenadines (all the small islands immediately north of Grenada), St Vincent and Barbados.