This is an airport in United States Minor Outlying Islands

Palmyra airport (and turned the runway lights on). As we headed toward Ft. Atkinson, we had some discussion about whether or not to land there.
Palmyra Airport (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Palmyra Atoll (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Paloma Channel, La (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Papala Island (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Paradise Island (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Pelican Island (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Penguin Spit (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Picket Point (United States Minor Outlying Islands), Portsmouth Point (United States
Palmyra Airport along the bottom (north is to the ... him coming to Lincoln Flying Service (Abe Stein's place) and doing some A&P work for ...
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Palmyra Airport in the Syrian Desert to the east.
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Palmyra Airport (PMS) Palmyra, Syria View Palmyra Airport on a map View satellite image of Palmyra Airport View flight route map from KHD to PMS 22 478.3 miles (769.
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Palmyra Airport is expected to be completed in the spring with 40 units available.
Palmyra Airport, has announced he will turn his 36-acre plot into a housing development.
Palmyra Airport - Palmyra, WI Chapter 1177 - Rick Martin 262-495-3108 May 4 Schaumburg, IL Young Eagles Rally, Regional Airport, Butch Bejna 630-543-9213 Santa Paula Apt/Oxnard Apt - Santa Paula, CA
Palmyra Airport-Hwy 106 (262) 495-4342 - Event Category(s): Community - June 20, 2010 ― Father's Day at the Pool 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Palmyra airport in Syria, confirming Vichy French cooperation in violation of its nominal neutrality. British aircraft — including Curtiss Tomahawks of No.
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Palmyra Airport Palmyra, Syrian Arab Republic Syria News Syria assaults opposition as diplomacy staggers Syria launched a long-anticipated assault to crush the opposition in the rebellious north on Saturday, bombarding its main city with tank