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This is an airport in Japan

Okayama Airport, Okayama (OKJ), 90km (56mi) Takamatsu Airport, Takamatsu (TAK), 138km (86mi) Itami Airport, Osaka (ITM), 142km (89mi) Or, view all airports in Japan. Passenger feedback Have you used Tottori Airport? Love it? Hate it? We welcome your reviews, questions, or comments about the airport.
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Okayama airport in Japan when the wheels failed to deploy automatically. The pilots circled and deployed the landing gear manually.
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Okayama Airport, with its main landing gear doors in the retracted position and the nose gear extended normally.
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Okayama Airport to JR Okayama station - Flight: Take the “Airport Limousine Bus” from Okayama Airport to JR Okayama station -From JR Okayama station to the Yumeji Art Museum -
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OKAYAMA AIRPORT - OKAYAMA AIRPORT, Okayama is located in southern Honshu KADENA AIR BASE - KADENA AB, Naha-Okinawa City, Central Okinawa Island SASEBO NAVAL BASE -
Okayama Airport * 30 minutes from Okayama Airport to Okayama Station by Limousine Bus.
Okayama Airport You can also use Okayama (OKJ) airport, which has daily flights from/to Seoul/Incheon and Shanghai/Pudong, and 3 flights per week from/to Beijing.
Okayama Airportprovided by FareCompareThe largest aircraft flying out of Okayama Airport is a AB3 with 290 ... MoreCheap Flights to Okayamaprovided by FareCompareThere are over 19 international flights per week from Okayama, JP. Okayama, ...
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Okayama Airport
Okayama airport in western Japan, the monitor issued a warning that the main landing gear had not deployed due to a hydraulic valve fault, an ANA spokeswoman said.
Okayama Airport Limousine Bus Approximately 1 hour JR Bus Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes Using conventional railway lines Via Shiraichi Station Approximately 50 minutes Using the Shinkansen Via Okayama Station By Car Approximately 50 minutes Approximately 1 hour
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