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Michilla districts; and * continuing to develop and search for additional opportunities beyond the core business for early-stage growth in copper both in Chile and abroad, such as
Michilla * Esperanza * Sierra Gorda District * Los Pelambres District * Michilla/Antucoya * Reko Diq * Exploration and evaluation activities * Transport * Water * Corporate Sustainability Mining =
Michilla; plus a press conference Written by Devin Zydel on 19 Mar, 2008 As reported by CommanderBond.
Michilla, Antofagasta (Chile) Photo of Loberas ItataPhoto of Loberas ItataPhoto of Loberas Itata * Kayaking - Canoeing trail - Hospedaje y
Michilla unit from its underground mine would be 38,000 tonnes in 2009 after the loss of about 7,000 tonnes due to the closure of Lince, which has higher costs.
Michilla, and Esperanza projects in the Sierra Gorda District, Chile. This division produces copper concentrates, molybdenum concentrates, and copper cathodes.
Michilla チリ 中南米・チリの主な鉱山について。 Michilla Michilla鉱山周辺地図 ※地図 : 【 州地図 】 【 国地図 】 所在 : 第Ⅱ州 (アントファガスタ州) 産物 : 銅 操業開始 : 採掘方法 : 露天堀 権益 比率 Antofagasta 74% Other Chilean Investors 26% Michilla鉱山はチリ・第Ⅱ州の州都Antofagasta(アントファガスタ)の北に位置する銅鉱山。 英国の銅生産大手であるAntofagasta(アントファガスタ)が所有。Antofagastaが同じく第Ⅱ州でJVで銅生産を行っているEl Tesoro鉱山が東にある。また、Michilla鉱山の近隣では同社によってAntucoya銅プロジェクトの開発も行われている。 Michilla鉱山から生産される銅鉱石はSX-EWプラントへ運ばれ、プラントで生産された銅カソードはAntofagastaの輸送事業における完全子会社であるTrain Ltdaによって南のAntofagasta港へ運ばれる。 Michilla鉱山では銅資源が枯渇しており、鉱山操業は2009年末までの計画だったが、2012年以降まで拡張させる計画を立てている。 Michilla鉱山の2008年の年間銅生産量は47,700トン。 参考:各社ホームページより 資源について - サイトマップ - 免責事項 - お問い合わせ Copyright(C) 2010 DGX100. All rights reserved.
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Michilla, with a total production of 428 thousand tonnes in 2007, at an average cash cost of 31.6 c/lb.
Michilla, which represents 9.5 percent of Antofagasta's total mining revenues.
Michilla General Information Address Avenida.
Michilla es propiedad de Antofagasta Minerals (74%) y otros inversionistas chilenos (26%) y durante el 2004 produjo 50 mil toneladas de cátodos de cobre (placas del mineral), con una vida productiva que se espera se extienda más allá del 2011.
Michilla, Esperanza, Exploration and evaluation, Railway and other transport services, Water concession, and Corporate and other items.
Michilla adquirieron la participación de Chemical Bank y en 1992, también la de Outokumpu.
Michilla Michilla is a sulphide and oxide deposit located in Chile’s Antofagasta Region, 1,500 km north of Santiago.
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Michilla mine which produces large amounts of copper cathode. Pelambres, yet another notable name in copper mining has also expanded its mining operations by a great deal.
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Michilla, and the impact of high unit costs at Esperanza as a result of the lower volumes during ramp-up of operations partially offset by lower costs at Los Pelambres mainly due
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Michilla Mason operate from East London and are delighted to be the first Mazuma franchise operating in the UK's capital.
Michilla mine in Chile where the process is being used. Cuprochlor may also be applied to chalcopyrite concentrates in the near future.
Michilla where they sanded and painted the two buildings that make up the country school.
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Michilla The message from all of these companies was simple “we are looking for quality innovative services from the experienced Australian mining sector to help improve operational efficiencies - WAMS has this
Michilla on the coast, will be pumped to the mine site through a 91-mile-long, 24-in.-diameter pipeline. (Photo courtesy of Antogasta Minerals) ITT Corp.