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Makung AB, on the Pescador Islands, nearer to the Chinese mainland.
Makung Ab, Taiwan Chihhang Tw-Afb, Taiwan Pingtung North Air Force Base, Taiwan Sungshan / Taipei, Taiwan Chiang Kai Shek, Taiwan Pa Kuei / Bakuai, Taiwan Hulien Ab, Taiwan Location: Eastern Asia, islands bordering the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait, north of the Philippines, off the southeastern coast of China Geographic coordinates: 23 30 N, 121 00 E Map references: Southeast Asia Area:
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Makung Ab, Hulien Ab, Kaohsiung International Airport, Wuchia Observatory, Chihhang Tw-Afb, Pingtung North Air Force Base, Lan-yü Chi-cha'ng, Wang-an Chi-ch'ang, Ch'ing-ch'üan-kang Chi-ch'ang, Lü-tao Chi-ch'ang, Hsin-chu Chi-ch'ang, Hua-lien Hang-k'ung-chan, Chia-shan Chi-ch'ang, and RMQ Leaders of Taiwan List of seas in Taiwan East China Sea, and the P'eng-hu Wan The Country dialling code of Taiwan is +886, and the TLD