This is an airport in Republic of the Congo

Loubomo, Congo birth name Sonni Michel Angelo Ngesala won 16 (KO 5) + lost 11 (KO 3) + drawn 2 = 29 rounds boxed 181 KO% 17.
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Loubomo (DIS) 113 km * Soyo Do Zaire (SZA) 157 km * Boma (BOA) 174 km Direct destinations: * 12 destinations in 11 Countries Top Flight Routesfrom * Pointe Noire - Paris * Pointe Noire - London-Gatwick *
Loubomo to the Gabon border. The Congo's river and rail transport system forms an important international trade route; it is used extensively by several nearby countries.
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Loubomo - LAT 4
Loubomo (Congo - Brazzaville), Congo - Brazzaville (Congo - Brazzaville), Pointe-Noire (Congo - Brazzaville), Brazzaville / Maya-Maya (Congo - Brazzaville), Owando (Congo - Brazzaville), Impfondo (Congo - Brazzaville), Brazzaville Bélidjengi (Cameroon), Brazzaville (Cameroon), Sibiti (Congo - Brazzaville), Région du Pool (Congo - Brazzaville), Région des Plateaux (Congo - Brazzaville), Région du Niari (Congo - Brazzaville), Djambala (Congo - Brazzaville), Région de la
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LOUBOMO Official name: Republic of the Congo Capital: Brazzaville Area: total: 342,000 sq km water: 500 sq km land: 341,500 sq km
Loubomo * Madingou * Mossendjo * Ngabe * Ouesso * Zanaga DRC * Bumba * Mungbere * Kisangani * Mbandaka * Kindu * Kabalo * Kananga * Kinshasa * Likasi Ethiopia * Adigrat * Asayita * Dire Dawa * Gambela * Gonder *
Loubomo (Dolisie); - 07 June 1984: creation of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM); - Creation of the National College of Technical Education (ENSET); - Creation of the Institute
Loubomo Airport Loubomo 14 nm E 73 FCPI Small Loubetsi Airport Loubetsi 39 nm N 329 FCPP PNR Medium POINTE NOIRE Pointe Noire 47 nm W 226 (one of Air Burkina or Saga),(one of Air Freight NZ or Air France ),Gabon,Phoebus Apollo,(one of Trans Air Congo or Pacific East A) Nearby references in Wikipedia:
Loubomo KMK Makabana MKJ Makoua MSX Mossendjo MUY Mouyondzi NKY Nkayi OKG Okoyo OUE Ouesso FTX Owando PNR Pointe Noire SIB Sibiti SOE Souanke ANJ Zanaga Get Free Tickets to Ghana Call 0207 993 5206 Get Your Tickets Almost Free If we can't find you cheaper airfare, fly free * Read our Important Terms & Conditions Top Destinations:cheap flights to accra::cheap flights to zimbabwe::harare flights::flights to accra::flights to atlanta::flights to douala::flights to chicago::flights to bulawayo::cheap flights to lusaka::flights to mexico ATOL Protected Company Credit/Debit Cards Accepted We Accept all Debit and Credit Cards from UK We are Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.
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Loubomo * Madingou * Matsanga * Mossendjo * Nkayi * Ouesso * Owando * Sibiti Find a Lawyer/ Law Firm/ Advocate/ Attorney/ Solicitor in Congo Please select a Lawyer / Law firm from the Right column.
Loubomo DJM Djambala EPN Epena EWO Ewo FTX Owando GMM Gamboma Brazzavile ION Impfondo KEE Kelle KMK Makabana KNJ Kindamba LCO Lague LKC
loubomo loubomo DJM djambala djambala EWO ewo ewo FTX owando owando GMM gamboma gamboma ION impfondo impfondo KEE kelle kelle KMK makabana makabana KNJ kindamba
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Loubomo and catch another truck going south to Mayumba for the last hour of the drive (5 hours total). Alternatively, continue on to Tchibanga and come down the following day.
Loubomo, Kayes, Owando Main languages : French (official), Lingala and Monokutuba Currency : Franc CFA Time zone : GMT +1 Area : 342,000 km2 Population :
Loubomo and the port of Pointe-Noire. The official language is French.
Loubomo 114,869 Madingou 22,760 Makoua 11,355 Mossendjo 18,123 Nkayi 56,175 Ouesso 23,968 Owando 21,588 Pointe-Noire 630,883 Sibiti 19,089 World Population Rankings: 1 million + people 600,000 to 1 million people 400,000 to 600,000 people 300,000 to 400,000 people 250,000 to
Loubomo in 1985.
Loubomo (present day Dolisie) to provide a better alignment for heavy iron ore traffic. The loop is normally used in one direction only, with returning traffic using the original line.
Loubomo 43 000 people Nkayi - Holiday - Ski holidays - Flights - Hotels :
Loubomo, Bouenza, Mossendjo, Ouesso, Owando Major ports Pointe-Noire Physical features narrow coastal plain rises to central plateau, then falls into northern basin; Congo River on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo; half the country is rainforest Airports
Loubomo, in the Republic of Congo, and Douala, in Cameroon.
Loubomo 109 km Light rain (total 8mm), mostly falling on Sun afternoon Moderate rain (total 12mm), heaviest on Tue night Tshela 119 km Light rain (total 5mm),
Loubomo or any other city or remote area in Congo, will guarantee delivery of the world premier French chocolates in 3 business days - on time and in perfect conditions.