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Larissa Airport: (+90-224) 773 00 64 Rail: There is no rail network in the province. Let BURSA gone WHAT? Bursa, which was famous all over the world and Bursa silk webs should be renowned towel.
Larissa Airport Institutes - * University of Thessaly * Technological Institutes of Larissa * Agricultural Institute of Larissa * Agrarian Research Institute of Larissa
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Larissa Airport * Limnos Airport * Mikonos Island, Mikonos Airport * Mytilini Airport * Paros Community Airport * Rhodes Airport * Samos Airport * Santorini Island * Skiathos Island * Souda Airport * Syros Airport * Tanagra Airport * Thessaloniki Airport * Zakinthos Airport Zobrazit anglické názvy zemí Info o zemi - Řecko - Počet obyvatel: 10 668 354 Rozloha: 131 940 km2 Hlavní město: Athens Měna: Euro (kód: EUR) - Zobrazit kurz k české koruně včetně historie Více informací v encyklopedii: Řecko Nabídka Last Minute - Řecko - Řecko, Hotel Horizon Beach Kréta - Hotel Horizon Beach All Inclusive 31.5.-7.6.
(Larissa Airport , Greece: lat 39.6333, long 22.4167, altitude 74 metres) LAKO: 57.4 miles (Korce|Korca Korca Airfield, KO, Albania: lat 40.6000, long 20.
(Larissa Airport , Greece: lat 39.6333, long 22.4167, altitude 74 metres) LGSK: 33.8 miles (Skiathos Island, Greece: lat 39.1771, long 23.5037, altitude 15 metres) D4255: 35.
Larissa Airport , Greece (lat 39.6333°, long 22.4167°, altitude 74 metres) SV3AQN-2 56.0 miles Southwest Patra, GR (lat 38.2720°, long 21.
;Larissa Airport ;;Greece;6;39-38N;022-25E;;;73;74; LGMK;-;-;Mikonos Island, Mikonos Airport;;Greece;6;37-26-09N;025-20-45E;;;123;; LGMT;16;667;Mytilini Airport ;;Greece;6;39-04N;026-36E;;;3;5;P LGNX;-;-;Cyclades Islands, Naxos Airport;;Greece;6;37-04-47N;025-22-01E;;;3;; LGPA;-;-;Paros Community Airport;;Greece;6;37-00-40N;025-07-32E;;;36;; LGPZ;16;643;Aktion Airport ;;Greece;6;38-37N;020-46E;;;4;4;P LGRD;-;-;Rhodes / Maritsa;;Greece;6;36-23N;028-07E;;;62;; LGRP;16;749;Rhodes Airport ;;Greece;6;36-24N;028-05E;36-23N;028-07E;4;11;P LGRX;16;687;Araxos Airport ;;Greece;6;38-09N;021-25E;38-10N;021-25E;11;12; LGSA;16;746;Souda Airport ;;Greece;6;35-29N;024-07E;;;146;151;P LGSK;-;-;Skiathos Island;;Greece;6;39-11N;023-30E;;;15;;
Larissa Airport(GREECE) Larnaca Airport(CYPRUS) Las Palmas De Gran Canaria/Gando(SPAIN) Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport(UNITED STATES) Las-Lenas(ARGENTINA) Lasa(CHINA) Latina(ITALY) Launceston Airport(AUSTRALIA) Lauro de Freitas(BRAZIL) Lautoka(FIJI) Lawrence(UNITED STATES) Lawrentiy(RUSSIAN FEDERATION) Lazarevskoe(RUSSIAN FEDERATION) Lazo(RUSSIAN FEDERATION) Le Mans(FRANCE)
Larissa Airport * Larissa Tram (planned) Sports - The local football club AEL 1964 FC currently participates in Super League Greece. The team became Greek Champion in 1988 and won the Greek Cup in 1985 & 2007.
Larissa Airport Thessaly was built in 1912 It was the commercial airport of Larissa until 1997 when it closed. It's claimed to reopen in for commercial flights in 2013.
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Larissa Airport Greece GR LGMT Mytilini Airport Greece GR LGPZ Aktion Airport Greece GR LGRP Rhodes Airport Greece GR LGRX Araxos Airport Greece
Larissa Airport Greece LGMT Mytilini Airport Greece LGPZ Aktion Airport Greece LGRD Rhodes / Maritsa Greece LGRP Rhodes Airport Greece LGRX Araxos Airport Greece LGSA Souda Airport Greece LGSK
LARISSA AIRPORT NATO BASE NATO project consisting of steel circular reservoirs and engine room. The design is fully accomplished and the construction works are completed. Cost (revised): 8.600.
Larissa Airport * Larissa Tram (planned) Sports - Two football teams are based in Larissa. Larissa F.C. currently play in Super League Greece. They were Greek Champions in 1988 and Cup Winners in 1985 & 2007.
Larissa Airport leros Aeroport Leros limnos-airport Aeroport Limnos Airport mikonos-island-mikonos-airport Aeroport Mikonos Island, Mikonos Airport milos Aeroport Milos mytilini-airport Aeroport Mytilini Airport paros-community-airport Aeroport Paros Community Airport rhodes-maritsa Aeroport Rhodes / Maritsa rhodes-airport Aeroport Rhodes Airport samos-airport Aeroport Samos Airport santorini-island Aeroport Santorini Island skiathos-island Aeroport Skiathos Island souda-airport Aeroport Souda Airport syros-airport Aeroport Syros Airport tanagra-airport Aeroport Tanagra Airport tatoi Aeroport Tatoi thessaloniki-airport Aeroport Thessaloniki Airport tripolis-airport Aeroport Tripolis Airport zakinthos-airport Aeroport Zakinthos Airport vol-resa
Larissa Airport Higher Education and Research - * University of Thessaly School of Medicine * Technological Educational Institute of Larissa