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Kithira Airport * Alexion Airport * Leros Airport * Paros Airport * Kasos Island Airport * Naxos Airport
Kithira Airport
Kithira Airport (Kythira, Greece) * Every week, at least 7 domestic flights and 0 international flights depart from Kithira Airport.
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Kithira Airport (KIT) ■■■■■ Kos Kos Airport (KGS) ■■■■■ Kozani Philippos Airport (KZI) ■■■■■ Larisa Larisa Airport (LRA) ■■■■■ Leros Leros Airport (LRS) ■■■■■ Limnos Limnos Airport (LXS) ■■■■■ Milos Milos Airport (MLO) ■■■■■ Mykonos Mykonos Island National Airport (JMK) ■■■■■ Mytilene, Lesbos Mytilene (Odysseas Elytis) International Airport (MJT) ■■■■■ Naxos Naxos Airport (JNX) ■■■■■ Paros Paros Airport (PAS) ■■■■■ Patras Araxos Airport (GPA) ■■■■■ Porto Kheli Alexion Airport (PKH) ■■■■■ Preveza/Lefkas Aktion Airport (PVK) ■■■■■ Pyrgos Andravida Airport (PYR) ■■■■■ Rhodes
Kithira Airport Mitáta N/A KGS Kos Airport Antimácheia N/A KZI Kozani Airport Kozani N/A LRA Larissa Airport Omorfokhórion N/A LRS Leros Parthénion N/A LXS Limnos Airport Karpásion N/A
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Kithira Airport Tripolis Airport (Military) Kos International Airport "Hippocrates" Tympaki Airport (Military) Kozani Airport (Filipos) Zakinthos National Airport Lamia Airport (Military)
Kithira Airport, Kefalhnia Airport, Kalamata Airport, Kos Airport, Karpathos Airport, Kerkyra Airport, Chrysoupoli Airport, Kozani Airport, Limnos Airport, Larissa Airport, Mikonos Island, Mikonos Airport, Mytilini Airport, Cyclades Islands, Naxos Airport, Paros Community Airport, Aktion Airport, Rhodes - Maritsa, Araxos Airport, Souda Airport, Skiathos Island, Samos Airport, Syros Airport, Santorini Island, Tanagra Airport, Tripolis Airport, Thessaloniki Airport, Tatoi, Zakinthos
Kithira Airport * Kos * Kos Airport * Larissa * Lefkada * Lesvos * Loutraki * Lesvos Mytilini Airport * Limnos Airport * Mykonos * Maramas * Mykonos Airport * Naxos * Naxos Airport * Ouranoupolis * Parga * Paros * Patra * Patra Airport *
Kithira airport and then by boat (12 miles) By car from Kalamata airport Sightseeing Many of the surrounding areas are nature reserves, gathering rare species of birds and plants, such as
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Kithira airport (531km) * Kalamata International airport (574km) * Crete Heraklion airport (580km) * See all airports in Libya.
Kithira Airport, gelegen in (oder in der N
Kithira Airport KIT Kithira Island, Attica, Greece Routes | Flights | Pilot info 250 nm WSW (463 km, 287 miles) medium airport marker Kalamata Airport KLX Kalamata, Messinia, Greece Routes | Flights | Pilot info 269 nm WSW (498 km, 309 miles) medium airport marker Filippos Airport KZI Kozani, Kozani, Greece Routes | Flights | Pilot info 274 nm WNW (507 km, 315 miles) medium airport marker Gazipaşa Airport GZP Gazipaşa, Antalya, Turkey Routes | Flights | Pilot info 274 nm ESE (507 km, 315 miles) big airport marker Esenboğa International Airport ESB Ankara, Ankara, Turkey Routes | Flights | Pilot info | 11 visitors 276 nm ENE (512 km, 318 miles) previous | next home about mobile contact news downloads privacy help 44,256 airports * 4,343 members * 43,474 visits to 7,929 airports * 5,256 comments about 2,661 airports Copyright © 2007–2012 by Megginson Technologies Ltd.
Kithira Airport (KIT), also in Greece, 116 km (72 miles) away.
Kithira Airport * Car Hire Kos * Car Hire Kos Airport * Car Hire Lesvos * Car Hire Lesvos Mytilini Airport * Car Hire Mykonos * Car Hire Mykonos Airport * Car Hire Naxos * Car Hire Naxos Airport * Car Hire Preveza Airport * Car Hire Rhodes Airport * Car Hire Samos * Car Hire Santorini Airport * Car Hire Skiathos * Car Hire Skiathos Airport * Car Hire Skopelos * Car Hire Thassos * Car Hire Thessaloniki * Car Hire Thessaloniki Airport * Car Hire Zakynthos Airport * Car Hire Zante Check out the full list of locations for car hire in Greece from Rhino.
Kithira Airport (KIT) in Greece, 117 km (73 miles) away. * Santorini Airport (JTR) in Greece is 170 km (106 miles) away.