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This is an airport in Taiwan

Occurrences : Flight Far Eastern Air Transport Flight 104 with a Handley Page Dart Herald : "On 24 February 1969, Far Eastern Air Transport Flight 104, a short-haul flight from from Kaohsiung International Airport to Taipei Songshan Airport, Taiwan, was flown by a Handley Page Dart Herald with 32 passengers and 4 crew on board. Ten minutes after take-off, the aircraft's port-side engine failed, leaving its propellor windmilling and the aircraft in a shallow descent. The flightcrew decided to diverted to Tainan Airport in Tainan City." Source : DBPedia, licensed under GFDL

Kaohsiung International Airport, take Kaohsiung MRT system to MRT Zuoying Station/ HSR Zuoying Station (25-minute trip). Take the High Speed Rail from HSR Zuoying station to HSR Taichung station (about 60 minutes).
Kaohsiung International Airport for clients who value comfort, safety, speed and efficiency whether traveling for business or for pleasure.
Kaohsiung International Airport 高雄國際航空站 IATA: KHH – ICAO: RCKH Summary Airport type Public Operator Civil Aeronautics Administration Serves Kaohsiung Elevation AMSL 31 ft / 9 m Coordinates 22°34′37″N 120°21′00″E / 22.57694°N 120.35°E / 22.57694; 120.
KAOHSIUNG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT u Kaohsiung Xiao-Gang Airport - (take the buses of the transportation route of the airport, Bus 301, Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co., Kaohsiung Motor Transit Co., Chung-Nan Motor Transit Co.
KAOHSIUNG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT u Kaohsiung Xiao-Gang Airport - Sung-Shan Airport - Taipei City - (take buses) - Taipei County v Kaohsiung Xiao-Gang Airport - (take the buses of the transportation route of the airport, Bus 301, Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co., Kaohsiung Motor Transit Co., Chung-Nan Motor Transit Co.
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Kaohsiung International Airport KHH is the larger of Taiwan's two major airports (the other being Taiwan Taoyuan International).
Kaohsiung International Airport Taiwan Main Entrance to Airport Kaohsiung International Airport is relatively new, and is well designed, modern and convenient .
Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH / RCKH) has international and domestic flights from Kaohsiung, Taiwan and is 49 km from Tainan, Taiwan.
Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) is situated in Hsiaokang, Kaohsiung.
Kaohsiung International Airport Today Rain Hi: 21 °C Light rain. There is a 80% chance of precipitation. Cloudy. Temperature of 21°C. Winds ENE 14km/h.
Kaohsiung International Airport
Kaohsiung International Airport is a midsize commercial airport located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Republic of China.
KaoHsiung International Airport The following ground transportation services are available : Taxi: Taxis will stop at taxi pick-up points on the arrivals level.
Kaohsiung International Airport, we cleared immigration and customs formalities and exited the secure area of the terminal into the welcoming arms of Joan and her family.
Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) Car Rental = Taiwan Airports - Asia Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) Car Hire / Rental (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) - Situated just a short drive from the city centre, Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) is home to many popular car rental agencies.
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Kaohsiung International Airport :$400 NET one way Pickup Area:Hotel to Kaohsiung High Speed Rail Station Hotel to Kaohsiung International Airport Free Shuttle: M.R.T Red Line R9 Central Park No1 Exit M.R.
Kaohsiung International Airport, please follow the instructions of the ground crew on how to proceed to the boarding gates. C.
Kaohsiung International Airport Route Origin Stop Name Destination Stop Name Airport Line Bus no.
Kaohsiung International Airport, KHH, 高雄國際機場 down south in Kaohsiung. The direct destination of many flights from East Asia & Hong Kong but currently it sees almost no flights from the EU or North America.
Kaohsiung International Airport Weather graph showing past weeks' weather and temperature for Kaohsiung International Airport Night Day−•− Temperature Summary of observations in Kaohsiung International Airport Note that the numbers below should be used very carefully.
Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) (KHH/RCKH), Taiwan Flightnumber: 103 Narrative: FEAT's Boeing 737 B-2603 was used extensively on domestic flights within Taiwan since being acquired from United Airlines in April 1976.
Kaohsiung International Airport to be closed for four hours. No casualties were reported.
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Kaohsiung International Airport : Flight Information Taipei Songshan Airport : Flight Schedule Water transport Tai-Hwa Steam - Connecting Kaohsiung and Makung ( the capital
Kaohsiung International Airport , you can take Kaohsiung MRT to Kaohsiung Station. Step 1: From 1. Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport to 2.
Kaohsiung international airport (KHH), which is located Kaohsiung city, approximately 50 kilometers to Tainan. However, only about thirteen airlines provide the service.
Kaohsiung International Airport �� Kaohsiung Rapid Transit (KRTC) system - KRTC Zuoying Station/ HSR Zuoying Station (15-minute trip). 2.
Kaohsiung International Airport: When you arrive at Kaohsiung International Airport, you have the following two options: 1.
Kaohsiung International Airport KHH About 33 mi South South Tainan Airport TNN About 17 mi West-southwest West-southwest Chiayi Airport CYI About 29 mi North North Advertising Current UTC (or GMT/Zulu)-time used: Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 08:50:34 UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
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Kaohsiung International Airport, mirroring Taoyuan near the southwestern edge of the island. There's also Taichung International Airport in the central part of Taiwan, which has flights to China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea.