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This is an airport in Russia

Jakutsk cold winter at -40 Jakutsk cold winter at -40 Like shadows in their black coats, these people walk in thick fog at minus forty.
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Jakutsk Die Stadt Jakutsk (, /) hat gut 264.000 Einwohner (2009) und ist Hauptstadt der Teilrepublik Sacha (auch Jakutien genannt) im russischen Föderationskreis Fernost.
jakutsk, jakutia, siberia, ESPO Last Updated ( Friday, 26 February 2010 ) Where is Yakutia located? Yakutia (Sakha Republic) is a north-eastern region of Russian Federation. A large part of Yakutia lies above the Polar Circle.
Jakutsk * Past observations, Jakutsk > 3 day outlook Today Hi: -24° Lo: -32° Tomorrow Hi: -22° Lo: -28° Tuesday Hi: -25° Lo: -27° * 10 day forecast > Detailed 5 day forecast Detailed 5 day forecast Updated at 15:14. Next update estimated at 16:20.
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Jakutsk = Display: List View | Grid View Order By: Relevance | View Count | Updated | Rating Jakutsk in Winterbildern These pictures were taken on my trip to Yakutsk between December 24th 2007 and January 6th 2008.