This is an airport in Antarctica

Ice Runway take off Page: 1 * Post tools * Subscribe Ice Runway take off - #1 Top 2011-01-30 17:40:59 Ice Runway take off Would anyone have experience in a PA32-300 taking off from an Ice Runway on a lake? I figured a modified short field technique would be best and I wouldn't be able
ice runway was built for the CC-130s to land. More info can be found at All patches are in new condition, no velcro backing.
ice runway in the world for wheeled aircraft.
Ice Runway Fixed, Prince Harry Returns Home From Arctic = Add CommentApril 09, 2011 06:37:52 GMT After being stranded an extra day in the Arctic, the British prince
ICE RUNWAY = Sunrise / Sunset (local time) Sunrise: 6:31 AM Sunset: 9:33 PM - CLICK TO OPEN ALL / CLOSE ALL Print Page CLICK TO CLOSE General Airport Information (CLICK TO CLOSE) CLICK TO OPEN General Airport Information (CLICK TO OPEN) printing is NOT selected Submit Correction Country Antarctica
Ice Runway = This Royal New Zealand Air Force C-130 departed Saturday 12/17/2011 from Christchurch NZ to airdrop another pump, pipes and fuel for a Russian fishing vessel known as
ice runway McMurdo Sound Antarctica = C17 aircraft on ice runway McMurdo Sound Antarctica pictures on NZ landscapes - browse our selection of over 25,000 images including International photos.
ice runway the conditions got a bit hairy, If you look really carefully you can kind of make out the line of red flags that marks the road.
Ice Runway Back to Aerial Art & Abstracts Comments: Private plane takes off from the ice runway in Alton- the only FAA approved ice runway in the lower 48 states.
Ice Runway Buffalo pilots are delivering supplies to a mining company outpost - but will the ice hold out for a smooth landing? comments, related links, and more Related Links:
ICE RUNWAY 075X - At Field - Supplies/Equipment Oil O-156, MIL L 23699 (Synthetic Base)Turboprop/Turboshaft Engine Other Fluids HPOX, High pressure oxygen servicing
ice runway (B18) - Discuss your knowledge of airports and off-airport strips. Help inform other pilots of status, warnings, noise abatement, and closure endangerment. See also: www.shortfield.
Ice Runway-Alton Bay-B18 - npmar02-25-2010, 07:34A friend sent me pictures of his landing on an "ice runway", New Hampshire-Alton Bay Airport (B18).
ice runway,antarctica Leave a comment Read comments UA1PAW ex R1ANF will be active from Novo Airbase ( Blue Ice Runway ) , Antarctica until 23 February 2011 as RI1ANR He is active after 16z on 17m and later on 20,30,40m around 21Z QSL via RK1PWA or ZS1ANF Novo Airbase Antarctica RI1ANR Novo Airbase Antarctica DX
ICE RUNWAYMCMURDO STATION ICE RUNWAY (NZIR) Antarctica 1 Radio Freq. Runways Lat/Long: -77.85395 / 166.468761 77° 51' 14.
-ice runway for commercial flights to Antarctica in November 1987 using a DC-4. Government operators from several countries have since developed runways for landing wheeled aircraft e.g.
ice runway for wheeled aircraft.
ice runway, they use special machines to chip off the surface of the ice and make it accessible to wheeled aircraft.
-Ice Runway - Serves McMurdo Station and Scott Base. * Annual Sea-Ice Runway - Serves McMurdo Station and Scott Base.
-Ice Runway Climbers wait in Punta Arenas for a Flight to the Ice of Antarctica Click to hear the call Sunday, January 4, 1998 — 2 pm PST Wally
ice runway in near Mc-Murdo (-77.6'' lat, 166'' long) - Mc-Murdo is located at the edge of the enormuous 'Ross' permanent ice shelf (-77.8" latitude, 166 longitude).
ice runway after the first ever blue ice deployment of the aircraft.
ice runway is plowed and open for business." UPDATE: More pics, from Ossipee Aviation.
ICE RUNWAY The kind of plane you ride depends on the time of year, which influences the condition of McMurdo Station's three runways.
-Ice Runway Opens in Antarctica The newest blue-ice runway has opened in Antarctica after over 4 years of planning and research to select the spot and make it happen.
ice runway graduates are those that make the first turnoff.
ice runway at Alton Bay opened for the 2012 season on February 5.
Ice Runway * (en) Navy WV-2 Super Connie Crash at McMurdo Sound in 1960 * (en) Irma Hale ; Moving the Airport ; 21 décembre 1999 v · d · m Bases de l’Antarctique
ice runways, flights not only span the continent, but maintain McMurdo's contact with New Zealand and the United States. Williams Field is 16 km from McMurdo on the Ross Ice Shelf.
Ice Runway is CLOSED! For current conditions and information: 603-332-9098 EAA 225 Pancake Breakfast Cancelled ~ 2-17-08 - Here's an email forward from Jerry
ice runway Iiyushin 76 take off at Union Glacier blue ice runway * Order: Reorder * Duration: 1:38 *
Ice Runway (Antarctica) Ice Runway Background: The Ice Runway is one of three major airstrips used to haul supplies and researchers to Antarctica's McMurdo Station.
Ice Runway Adventure Real Bush Flying * Co-Pilot Program Get out of the dark..
Ice Runways Built? How Are Ice Runways Built? = How Are Ice Runways Built?thumbnail Essential in remote areas, ice runways provide the only access to some of the world's most inhospitable locations, such as in the Arctic Circle and on Antarctica.
ice runway is used by C-17 Globemaster III and LC-130 Hercules aircraft as part of the 13th Air Force-led Joint Task Force Support Forces Antarctica, Operation Deep