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This is an airport in Japan

Hakodate Airport, Hakodate (HKD), 133km (83mi) Kushiro Airport, Kushiro (KUH), 206km (129mi) Misawa Airport, Misawa (MSJ), 232km (145mi) Hokkaido Airport, Wakkanai (WKJ), 294km (183mi) Akita Airport, Akita (AXT), 373km (232mi) Or, view all airports in Japan.
Hakodate Airport, Hakodate (HKD), 127km (79mi) Akita Airport, Akita (AXT), 156km (97mi) Chitose Airport, Sapporo (CTS), 232km (145mi) Junmachi Airport, Yamagata (GAJ), 270km (168mi) Sendai Airport, Sendai (SDJ), 288km (179mi) Or, view all airports in Japan.
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・Hakodate Airport Sapporo Sapporo City・New Chitose Airport・Otaru・Tomakomai Asahikawa Asahikawa City・Asahikawa Airport Wakkanai Wakkanai City・Wakkanai Airport Obihiro Obihiro City・Obihiro Airport Memanbetsu Memanbetsu Airport・Abashiri・Kitami Kushiro Kushiro City・Kushiro Airport・Nakashibetsu Airport ▲ Return to Top Drop-off Charges (per car) When the car pickup location is different from the car return location, a one-way drop-off fee may be charged in addition to rental charge.
Hakodate Airport is 824 miles.Over 15,648 passengers can travel out of Hakodate Airport every week.There are over 91 domestic flights per week from Hakodate ...
Hakodate Airport in September 1976.
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Hakodate Airport can also be spotted.
(Hakodate Airport) Komatsu (Komatsu Airport) Niigata (Niigata Airport) Ozora (Memanbetsu Airport) Oihiro (Tokachi-Obihiro Airport) Sapporo (New Chitose Airport) Sendai (Sendai Airport) Tokyo (Haneda International Airport) Toyama (Toyama Airport) Book Online - Search for cheap flights © 2006-2011 Budget Airline Guide. All Rights Reserved. Netmobius publication.
Hakodate Airport Hiroshima Airport Hamamatsu Hokkaido I Ibaraki Ikeda Izumo Airport K Kagawa Karuizawa Komatsu Airport Kagoshima Katsushika Koutou Kagoshima Airport Kisarazu Kumamoto Kamikita Kitami Kumamoto Airport Kanagawa Kobe Kurashiki Kanazawa Kochi Kushiro Kansai Kochi Airport Kushiro Airport Kansai Airport Komatsu Kyoto M Matsudo Minato Miyazaki Matsuyama Airport Misawa Airport Miyazaki Airport Memanbetsu Airport Mishima Shi Mie Pref Miyagi N Nagano Nagoya Airport Narita Airport Nagasaki Nagoya Airport Niigata Nagasaki Airport Naha Shi Niigata Airport Nagoya Narita Nikko O Obihiro Airport Okayama Osaka Oita Okayama Airport Osaka Domestic Airport Oita Airport Okinawa Osaka Kansai International Airport S Sapporo Sendai Shimane Sapporo Chitose Airport Sendai Airport Shizuoka T Takamatsu Airport Tokyo Haneda Airport Toyama Tochigi Toshima Toyama Airport Tokyo Tottori Tsuchiura Tokyo Chiba-narita Airport Tottori Airport W Wakkanai Wakkanai Airport Y Yamagata Yamagata Shonai Airport Yokohama Yamagata Airport Yamato Comments and Tips * Have you visited this destination and have some of your own tips and advice to share with fellow travellers? * Are there any must-see
Hakodate airport Closed for winter,and closed for the next day at year end and new year Todohokke Industrial Section 80-9,Esanmisaki-cho,Hakodate /
Hakodate airport Capacity/620 Japanese-style room/133 Western-style room/12 *Because there is a situation changed by a season, please refer to each institution for the details.
Hakodate Airport “Business Lounge” Tohoku/ Hokuriku Aomori Airport “Airport Lounge” Akita Airport “Royal Sky” Sendai Airport “Business Lounge” Niigata Airport “Airium Lounge” Toyama Airport “Lounge Raicho” Komatsu Airport “Member’s Lounge” Kanto Narita International Airport -Terminal 1 “IASS Executive Lounge 1” -Terminal 2 “IASS Executive Lounge 2” Haneda Airport -Terminal 1 “Airport Lounge (Central) -“Airport Lounge (North) -“Airport Lounge (South) -Terminal 2 “Airport Lounge (Check-in lobby) -“Airport Lounge (North Pier) Kansai/Chubu Kansai International Airport -“Card Member’s Lounge” (Rokko, Kongo, Hiei) -“Smoking Lounge” Itami
Hakodate Airport: 8 mins by car (JAPANICAN) Hot springs Shuttle service NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY Japanese Japan Traveler Online
Hakodate Airport (distanced approximately 45 km) – airport hotels * Aomori Airport (distanced approximately 71 km) – airport hotels * Misawa Airport (distanced approximately 86 km) – airport hotels * Hachinohe Airport (distanced approximately 100 km) – airport hotels Get more out of Chogo map - Add placemark to Chogo No placemark has been added to this place yet. You can add the first.
Hakodate Airport in Hakodate, with a hub at New Chitose Airport; both are in Hokkaido.
Hakodate Airport and 1 hour 40 minutes from Kansai International Airport to Hakodate Airport Furano It is 1 hour and 35 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Asahikawa Airport. It is about 2 hours from Osaka Itami Airport.
Hakodate Airport (Stop in front of Chisun Grand Hakodate) - Approx.
Hakodate airport by shuttle bus, and within easy walking distance of the tram, the hotel is conveniently positioned to attract both leisure and business travelers.
Hakodate airport in Japan.
Hakodate Airport, proceed to dazzling and friendly city -> Hakodate, third largest city in Hokkaido.
Hakodate Airport * Kushiro subprefecture Hakodate: Reference = Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! This article doesn't yet, but we're working on it! See more info
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Hakodate Airport Hakodate, Japan (HKD / RJCH) Search for an airport code: connecting cities - Komatsu, Japan Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia Shanghai, China Aomori, Japan Dalian, China
Hakodate Airport (HKD / RJCH) has domestic flights from Hakodate, Japan and is 133 km from CTS.
Hakodate Airport in northern Japan on September 6, 1976.
Hakodate Airport: * National Highway Route 278 (aka Isaribi street) go straight on towards the station. The hotel is the first Building to the left after the Shiomi Bridge.