This is an airport in Canada

Gimli Industrial, Man | N/A | Gimli (CXGH) | N/A | Inconnu Victoria Beach (CWII) | -4 ° C | Inconnu Winnipeg (CYWG) | -3 ° C | Partiellement nuageux Stations météo à proximitéIl n'y a aucune station météorologique personnelle dans cette zone.
Gimli Industrial, Man INACTIVE CYHK NU Gjoa Haven Airport CZHK NU GJOA HAVEN CLIMATE INACTIVE CWGD ON Goderich Automatic Weather Reporting System CYGE BC Golden Airport CYYR NF Goose, Nfld.
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Gimli Industrial, Man (28km) beach; a shore zone of coarse unconsolidated sediment that extends from the low-water line to the highest reach of storm waves. * Sandy Bar (20.
Gimli Industrial, Man | N/A | Gimli (CXGH) | N/A | N/A Victoria Beach (CWII) | -4 °C | N/A Winnipeg (CYWG) | -3 °C | Partly Cloudy Nearby Weather StationsThere are no personal weather stations in this area.