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Geneina = 26 February 2012 * Comment * * * El Geneina — An armed group looted an employee at a children's protection organisation, working in El Geneina internally displaced person camps, in West Darfur.
Geneina in the Darfur Region, where we stopover for the night. ICAO Airports Depart Remarks HSSS Khartoum 06.00 dep.
Geneina, West Darfur Abna Mastri Charitable Association = Staff name: Amani Arbab Younes Omer Regions: Geneina, West Darfur Abu Zar Camp = Staff name: Aziza Abaker Dawoud
Geneina, is a bleak place, with straw fashioned into huts to offer shelter for the people here.
-Geneina United Nations Mission at Darfur Posted by Admin at 01:30 Medal Parade Ceremony of Pak Contingent was celebrated at El-Geneina United Nations Mission at Darfur.
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Geneina, Western Darfur (as of 22 Jul 2006) - Map— UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs Download PDF (209.
-Geneina UN Mission Darfur Posted on 09 February 2012 · Categorized in Interests and Hobbies, Politics, War Medal Parade Ceremony of Pak Army Contingent celebrated at El-Geneina
Geneina, in a news conference with Abu Al-Gasim Al Amin, Deputy Governor, said that the Justice and Equality Movement had turned up in the north of the state
"Geneina is a big town." He also blamed increasingly dirty drinking water which has caused diarrhoea for the rise in malnutrition.
Geneina on second day of Darfur trip - 14 July 2009 - United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations (USG/DPKO), Mr.
Geneina Alternate Name Medecins Sans Frontieres - Switzerland - El Geneina Abbreviation MSF-CH Parent Medecins Sans Frontiers - Switzerland u.r.l.
Geneina Alternate Name World Food Programme - El Geneina Abbreviation WFP Parent World Food Programme u.r.l.
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Geneina airport in Darfur.
-GENEINA, Sudan (Reuters) - Sudan's army clashed with Darfur rebels in the mountainous Jabel Moun area on Tuesday in a government offensive to reclaim the West Darfur area from insurgents who took up arms five years ago.
Geneina in Sudan, Western Masalit in Ouaddaï, Southern Masalit in Sudan.
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-Geneina, were told to pack up and leave for Khartoum, the officials said.
Geneina, which lies 30 kilometres from the Chadian border.
GENEINA, 13 September 2004 (IRIN) - Women and men emerged from the belly of a hulking orange lorry and spilled into the open field, their backs weighed down by firewood and lumpy bundles.
Geneina El Geneina Located on the south western border that Sudan shares with the neighbouring republic of Chad.
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-Geneina in troubled West Darfur in order to cultivate her crops. Arab militants continue to threaten many refugees despite the presence of thousands of peacekeeps.
Geneina hospital on Monday where they were visiting a relative. Around five kilometers from the camp a group of militia wearing military uniforms, traveling on camels attacked the girls.
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-Geneina area of western Sudan found the rate among children under 5-years old to be more than two percentage points above that.
-GENEINA, Sudan | Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:56pm EST EL-GENEINA, Sudan (Reuters) - The Sudanese army began an offensive in the mountainous Jabel Moun area on Tuesday in its latest attempt to reclaim the West Darfur district from insurgents who took up arms five
Geneina * peacekeeping force * Sudan * UNAMID * United Nations * West Darfur One peacekeeper of the joint United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has been killed and two others injured in an ambush in Geneina, the capital of the
Geneina, the capital of Western Dar Fur State, were attacked and killed by militia members.
Geneina By: Al-Sammani Awadallah Yesterday, the North Sudan DDR Commission (NSDDRC) and the Ministry of Interior, with support from the UNDP- DDR program and UNAMID-DDR, launched the DDR/CSAC workshop in West Darfur State, Elgeneina City.
Geneina, Khartoum Projects : Psychosocial Support, Camp Coordination, Shelters' construction and maintenance In joint cooperation with : USAID, ECHO, UNHCR, Swiss Solidarity, UNICEF, Tdh Germany, SDC, Common Humanitarian Found (CHF) Delegate : Gilbert Hascoet
Geneina airport in January and February 2007 reportedly to offload military equipment...
Geneina Town with locations of all agencies 119KB Map 322 SU-DAR-TOWN-17_A3_25Sept05_West Darfur Geneina Town Plan with overview surrounding IDP camps
Geneina West Darfur = Home of Philippine Police Officers serving under United Nation-African Mission in Darfur(UNAMID)as UN Police composed of PSI Alvin Gumacal,SPO1 Raymund Sagayo,PO3 Joseph Filog,PO3 Chris Nebrida and PO3
Geneina, the capitol of West Darfur, I saw a thermometer indicator flush to the top of its glass prison, which topped out at what I would have previously thought an