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Fukue Airport, Fukue, Nagasaki Prefecture (FUJ) * Fukui Airport, Fukui, Fukui Prefecture (FKJ) * Fukushima Airport, Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture (FKS) * Hachijojima Airport, Hachijojima, Tokyo (HAC) * Hanamaki Airport, Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture (HNA) * Hateruma Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (HTR) * Iejima Airport, Iejima, Okinawa Prefecture (IEJ) * Iki Airport, Nagasaki Prefecture (IKI) * Ishigaki Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (ISG) * Izumo Airport, Hikawa, Shimane Prefecture (IZO) * Kamigoto Airport, Nagasaki Prefecture (***) * Kerama Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (KJP) * Kikai Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (KKX) * Kita-Daito Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (KTD) * Kozushima Airport, Kozushima, Tokyo (***) * Kumejima Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (UEO) * Matsumoto Airport, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture (MMJ) * Memanbetsu Airport, Memanbetsu, Hokkaido (MMB) * Minami-Daito Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (***) * Miyakejima Airport, Miyakejima, Tokyo (MYE) * Miyako Airport, Hirara, Okinawa Prefecture (MMY) * Monbetsu Airport, Monbetsu, Hokkaido (MBE) * Nakashibetsu Airport, Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido (SHB) * Nanki-Shirahama Airport, Wakayama Prefecture (SHM) * Niijima Airport, Niijima, Tokyo (***) * Noto Airport, Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture (***) * Odate-Noshiro Airport, Akita Prefecture (***) * Ojika Airport, Nagasaki Prefecture (***) * Okayama Airport, Okayama, Okayama Prefecture (OKJ) * Oki Airport, Oki, Shimane Prefecture (OKI) * Okierabu Airport, Kagoshima Prefecture (***) * Okushiri Airport, Okushiri, Hokkaido (OIR) * Oshima Airport, Oshima, Tokyo (OIM) * Rebun Airport, Rebun, Hokkaido (RBJ) * Rishiri Airport, Rishiri, Hokkaido (RIS) * Sado Airport, Ryotsu, Niigata Prefecture (SDS) * Saga Airport, Saga, Saga Prefecture (***) * Shimojishima Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (SHI) * Shonai Airport, Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture (SYO) * Tanegashima Airport, Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture (***) * Tarama Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (***) * Tokunoshima Airport, Tokunoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture (***) * Tottori Airport, Tottori, Tottori Prefecture (TTJ) * Toyama Airport, Toyama, Toyama Prefecture (TOY) * Tsushima Airport, Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture (***) * Yakushima Airport, Kagoshima Prefecture (KUM) * Yonaguni Airport, Okinawa Prefecture (OGN) * Yoron Airport, Kagoshima Prefecture (***) Other airports - Civil airports that are not classified under this system include: * Chofu Airport,
-fukue Airport Got?, Nagasaki Japan RJTH HAC Hachijojima Airport Hachijojima, Tokyo Japan RJCH HKD Hakodate Airport Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan RJSI HNA Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki, Iwate Japan RORH HTR Hateruma Airport Taketomi, Okinawa Japan RJOA HIJ Hiroshima Airport Mihara, Hiroshima Japan RJBH HIW Hiroshima-nishi Airport Hiroshima, Hiroshima Japan RJAH Hyakuri Airfield (military Base; Civil Aviation Facility Under Construction; To Open As Ibaraki Airport) Omitama, Ibaraki Japan RORE IEJ Iejima Airport Ie,
-Fukue Airport (FUJ/RJFE) is located on Fukue Island. Ferry services from Nagasaki and Sasebo are offered by Kyusyu Shosen Co. Ltd.
Fukue Airport Fukue, Japan (FUJ) km: Fukuoka Airport Airport Fukuoka, Japan (FUK) km: Fukushima Airport Airport Fukushima, Japan (FKS) km: Hachijojima Airport Hachijo Jima, Japan (HAC) km: Hakodate Airport Hakodate, Japan (HKD) Cheap flights from Tokyo Airport From: To: More information about Tokyo Airlines operate flights from/to (Tokyo airport) * China Eastern Air * United * Asiana
Fukue Airport Hachijojima HAC Hachijo Jima Airport Hagi IWJ See Masuda Hakodate HKD Hakodate Airport Hanamaki HNA See Iwate Hateruma HTR Hateruma Airport Hiroshima HIJ Hiroshima International Airport Ishigaki ISG Ishigaki Airport Iwami IWJ See Masuda Iwate HNA Hanamaki Airport Izu Oshima OIM See Oshima Izumo IZO Izumo Airport Kagoshima KOJ Kagoshima Airport Kerama KJP Kerama Airport Kikaijima KKX Kikai Airport Kitadaito Island KTD Kitadaito Airport Kitakyushu KKJ New Kitakyushu Airport Kobe UKB Kobe Airport Kochi KCZ Kochi Japan Airport Komatsu KMQ Kanazawa Airport Kumamoto KMJ Kumamoto Airport Kumejima Island UEO Kumejima Airport Kushiro KUH Kushiro Airport Kyoto UKY See Osaka-Kansai Masuda IWJ Iwami Airport, Hagi Airport Matsumoto MMJ Matsumoto Airport Matsuyama MYJ Matsuyama Airport Memanbetsu MMB Memanbetsu Airport Minamidaito MMD New Minamidaito Airport, Maridor Airport Misawa MSJ Misawa Air Base Miyakejima MYE Miyake Jima Airport Miyako Jima MMY Miyakojima Airport, Hirara Airport Miyazaki KMI Miyazaki Airport Monbetsu MBE Okhotsk Monbetsu Airport Nagasaki NGS Nagasaki Airport Nagoya NGO All Nagoya Airports Nagoya NGO Chubu Centrair International Airport, Central Japan International Airport, Chubu Airport Nagoya NKM Nagoya Komaki Airport Nakashibetsu SHB Nakashibetsu Airport Nanki SHM Nanki Shirahama Airport Nemuro SHB See Nakashibetsu Niigata KIJ Niigata Airport Noto NTQ See Wajima Obihiro OBO Obihiro Airport Odate ONJ Odate Noshiro Airport Oita OIT Oita Airport Okayama OKJ Okayama Airport Okhotsk Monbetsu MBE See Monbetsu Oki Island OKI Oki Airport Okinawa OKA Naha Airport Okinoerabu OKE Okierabu Airport Okushiri OIR Okushiri Airport Osaka OSA All Osaka Airports Osaka ITM Itami Airport, Osaka International Airport Osaka KIX Kansai International Airport, Kansai Airport Oshima OIM Izu Oshima Airport Rishiri RIS Rishiri Airport Saga HSG Saga Airport Sapporo SPK All Sapporo Airports Sapporo
-fukue airport0:37 Add to 五島福江空港 Goto-fukue airportby ichibanjp 5,841 views * Fukuoka airport 9 福岡空港0:44 Add to Fukuoka airport 9 福岡空港by ichibanjp 1,299 views * 福岡空港に着陸するYS110:41 Add to 福岡空港に着陸するYS11by ichibanjp 11,092 views * Philippine Airlines B747-4F6 / Take off at Fukuoka Airport / RJFF1:21 Add to Philippine Airlines B747-4F6 / Take off at Fukuoka Airport / RJFFby FlightSimMovie
-Fukue Airport for FS2004 Fukuoka RJFF 1th/march/2009UP Kyusyu AFCAD Series 1 28th/Nov./2008 Fixed. New Tanegashima RJFG 6th/May/2008 UP.
Fukue Airport Fukue Japan FUK Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka Japan FKS Fukushima Airport Fukushima Japan HAC Hachijo Jima Airport Hachijo Jima Japan HKD Hakodate Airport Hakodate Japan HNA Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki Japan HND Haneda Airport Tokyo Japan MMY Hirara Airport Miyako Japan HIJ Hiroshima International Airport Hiroshima Japan HIW Hiroshima West Airport Hiroshima Japan WKJ Hokkaido Airport Wakkanai Japan IBR Ibaraki Airport Ibaraki Japan IKI Iki Airport Iki Japan ISG Ishigaki Airport Ishigaki Japan ITM Itami Airport Osaka Japan IWJ Iwami Airport Iwami Japan IZO Izumo Airport Izumo Japan GAJ Junmachi Airport Yamagata Japan KOJ Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima Japan KIX Kansai International Airport Osaka Japan KKX Kikaiga Shima Airport Kikaiga Shima Japan KTD Kitadaito Airport Kitadaito Japan UKB Kobe Airport Kobe Japan KCZ Kochi Airport Kochi Japan KKJ Kokura Airport Kita Kyushu Japan KMQ Komatsu Airport Komatsu Japan KMJ Kumamoto Airport Kumamoto Japan UEO Kume-jima Airport Kume-jima Japan KUH Kushiro Airport Kushiro Japan MMD Maridor Airport Minami Daito Japan MMJ Matsumoto Airport Matsumoto Japan MYJ Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama Japan MMB Memanbetsu Airport Memanbetsu Japan YGJ Miho Airport Yonago Japan MSJ Misawa Airport Misawa Japan MYE Miyake Jima Airport Miyake Jima Japan KMI Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki Japan MBE Monbetsu Airport Monbetsu Japan FSZ Mount Fuji Airport Shizuoka Japan NGS Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki Japan NKM Nagoya Komaki Airport Nagoya Japan OKA Naha Airport Okinawa Japan SHB Nakashibetsu Airport Nakashibetsu Japan NRT Narita Airport Tokyo Japan KIJ Niigata Airport Niigata Japan NTQ Noto Airport Wajima Japan OBO Obihiro Airport Obihiro Japan ONJ Odate Noshiro Airport Odate Noshiro Japan OIT Oita Airport Oita Japan OKD Okadama Airport Sapporo Japan OKJ Okayama Airport Okayama Japan OKI Oki Island Airport Oki Island Japan OKE Okino Erabu Airport Okino Erabu Japan OIM Oshima Airport Oshima Japan RIS Rishiri Airport Rishiri Japan HSG Saga Airport Saga Japan SDJ Sendai Airport
Fukue Airport New Chitose Airport Fukui Airport New Kitakyushu Airport Fukuoka Airport New Tanegashima Airport Fukushima Airport Niigata Airport Futenma Mcas Airport Noto Airport Gifu Airport Nyutabaru Airport Hachijojima Airport Obihiro Airport Hachinohe Airport Odate Noshiro Airport Hakodate Airport Oita Airport Hamamatsu Airport Okayama Airport Hanamaki Airport Oki Airport Hiroshima Airport Okierabu Airport Hiroshimanishi Airport Okushiri Airport Hofu Airport Osaka Intl Airport Hyakuri Airport Oshima Airport Ie Jima Airport Ozuki Airport Ie Shima Aux Ab Airport Rishiri Airport Iki Airport Sado Airport Iruma Airport Saga Airport Ishigaki Airport Sapporo Airport Iwakuni Mcas Airport Sendai Airport Iwami Airport Shikabe Airport Iwo Jima Airport Shimofusa Airport Izumo Airport Shimojishima Airport Kadena Ab Airport Shizuhama Airport Kagoshima Airport Shonai Airport Kanoya Airport Tajima Airport Kansai Intl Airport Takamatsu Airport Kastner Aaf Airport Tarama Airport Kikai Airport Tateyama Airport Kisarazu Airport Tokachi Airport Kitadaito Airport Tokunoshima Airport Kobe Airport Tokushima Airport Kochi Airport Tokyo Intl Airport Kohnan Airport Tottori Airport Komatsu Airport Toyama Airport Kumamoto Airport Tsuiki Airport Kumejima Airport Tsushima Airport Kushiro Airport Utsunomiya Airport Matsumoto Airport Wakkanai Airport Matsushima Airport Yakushima Airport Matsuyama Airport Yamagata Airport Memanbetsu Airport Yamaguchi Ube Airport Miho Airport Yao Airport Minami Daito Airport Yokota Ab Airport Minami Torishima Airport Yonaguni Airport Misawa Ab Airport Yoron Airport Miyakejima Airport Airports Worldwide Afghanistan Airports Laos Airports Albania Airports Latvia Airports
Fukue Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Tanegashima Airport, Kagoshima Airport, Miyazaki Airport, Nyutabaru Ab, Oita Airport, Kitakyushu Airport, Saga Airport, Kumamoto Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Kanoya Ab, Tsuiki Ab, Nagoya Airport, Amami Airport, Okinoerabu, Kikai Island, Tokunoshima Island, Fukui Airport, Gifu Ab, Hamamatsu Ab, Komatsu Ab, Oki Airport, Toyama Airport, Shizuhama Ab, Hiroshima Airport, Okayama Airport, Izumo Airport, Hofu Ab, Miho Ab, Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Kochi Airport, Matsuyama Airport, Osaka International Airport, Tottori Airport, Tokushima Ab, Takamatsu Airport, Iwami Airport, Yao Airport, Ozuki Ab, Aomori Airport, Yamagata Airport, Sado Airport, Fukushima Airport, Hachinohe Ab, Hanamaki Airport, Akita Airport, Misawa Ab, Niigata Airport, Odate-Noshiro Airport, Sendai Airport, Matsushima Ab, Shonai, Atsugi United States Naval Air Station, Tateyama Ab, Chofu Airport, Hachijojima Airport, Iruma Ab, Kisarazu Ab, Oshima Airport, Miyakejima Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Utsunomiya Ab, Naha Airport, Iejima Auxiliary Ab, Kadena Ab, Ishigakijima, Kumejima, Minamidaitojima, Miyakojima, Aguni Island, Hateruma, Shimoji-Shima Island, Tarama Island, Yoron Island, Yonaguni Airport, Chitose Japanese Air Self Defense Force, Nagoya Airport, Shimofusa Ab, Zama Airfield, Yokota Ab, Kitadaito Island, Futenma Marine Corps Air Facility,
Fukue Airport Fukui Fukui Airport Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport Fukushima Fukushima Airport Fukuyama Fushiki Futenma Marine Corps Air Facility Gifu Gifu Ab Gifu Air Base Haboro Hachijojima Hachijojima Airport Hachinohe Hachinohe Ab Hachinohe Air Base Hagi Hakodake Hakodate Hakodate Airport Hamada Hamamatsu Hamamatsu Ab Hamamatsu Air Base Hamby Aaf Hamby U S Army Airfield Hanamaki Hanamaki Airport Hateruma Hegurashima Hikone Himeji Hirado Hiroo Hiroshima Hiroshima Airport Hiroshimanishi Hita Hitoyoshi Hofu Ab Hofu Air Base Hyakuri Ab Hyakuri Air Base Ibukiyama Ichikawa Iejima Auxiliary Ab Iejima Auxiliary Air Base Iida Iizuka Iki Iki Airport Irako Iriomotejima Irozaki Iruma Ab Iruma Air Base Ishigaki Ishigakijima Ishinomaki Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station Iwami Iwami Airport Iwamizawa Iwojima Izuhara Izumo Izumo Airport Kadena Ab Kagoshima
-Fukue Airport, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, Rishiri Airport, New Chitose Airport, K?chi Ry?ma Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport Base of Chiyoda, Tokyo Listed on London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange
-Fukue Airport RJFF FUK Fukuoka Airport RJFG TNE New Tanegashima Airport RJFK KOJ Kagoshima Airport RJFM KMI Miyazaki Airport RJFN Nyutabaru Air Base RJFO OIT Oita Airport RJFR KKJ New Kitakyushu Airport RJFS HSG Saga Airport RJFT KMJ Kumamoto Airport RJFU NGS Nagasaki Airport RJFY Kanoya Air Base RJFZ Tsuiki Air Base RJGG NGO Chubu Centrair International Airport RJKA ASJ Amami-Oshima Airport RJKB OKE Okinoerabu Airport RJKI KKX Kikai Airport RJKN TKN Tokunoshima Airport RJNA NKM Nagoya Airfield RJNF FKJ Fukui Airport RJNG Gifu Air Base RJNH Hamamatsu Air Base RJNK KMQ Komatsu Airport RJNO OKI Oki Airport RJNT TOY Toyama Airport RJNW NTQ Noto Airport RJNY Shizuhama Air Base RJOA HIJ Hiroshima Airport RJOB OKJ Okayama Airport RJOC IZO Izumo Airport RJOF Hofu Airfield RJOH YGJ Miho-Yonago Airport RJOI RJOK RJOM MYJ Matsuyama Airport
-Fukue AirportAmami AirportHiroki StationKagoshima-Chūō StationTsurumaru High SchoolKagoshima CastleKagoshima StationNew Tanegashima AirportNakatane, KagoshimaTanegashima Space CenterTanegashimaSakurajimaKumage SubprefectureTarumizu, KagoshimaSatsuma, KagoshimaHashima IslandEast China SeaŌsaki, KagoshimaTokunoshima, KagoshimaUchinoura Space CenterAmakusa AirfieldYūsui, KagoshimaShibushi, KagoshimaGlover GardenŌura ChurchVOC Opperhoofden in JapanDejimaSōfuku-ji (Nagasaki)Nagasaki Station (Nagasaki)Kōfuku-ji (Nagasaki)Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and MonumentNagasaki Museum of History and CultureSuwa Shrine (Nagasaki)Urakami StationFat ManNagasaki Atomic Bomb MuseumNagasaki National Peace Memorial
Fukue Airport Fukue, Japan FUK Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka, Japan GAJ Yamagata, Japan: Yamagata Yamagata, Japan HHE Hachinohe, Japan: Hachinohe Ab Hachinohe, Japan HIJ Hiroshima, Japan: Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima, Japan HKD Hakodate, Japan: Hakodate Airport Hakodate, Japan HNA Hanamaki, Japan: Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki, Japan HNA Morioka, Japan: Hanamaki Morioka, Japan HND Tokyo, Japan: Haneda Tokyo, Japan IKI Iki, Japan: Iki Airport Iki, Japan ISG Ishigaki, Japan: Ishigaki Airport Ishigaki, Japan ITM Osaka, Japan: Itami International Osaka, Japan IWO Iwo Jima, Japan: Iwo Jima Airport Iwo Jima, Japan IZO Izumo, Japan: Izumo Airport Izumo, Japan KCZ Kochi, Japan: Kochi Airport Kochi, Japan KIJ Niigata, Japan: Niigata Airport Niigata, Japan KIX Osaka, Japan: Kansai International Osaka, Japan KKJ Kita Kyushu, Japan: Kita Kyushu Airport Kita Kyushu, Japan KMI Miyazaki, Japan: Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki, Japan KMJ Kumamoto, Japan: Kuroishibaru Kumamoto, Japan KMQ Komatsu, Japan: Komatsu Airport Komatsu, Japan KOJ Kagoshima, Japan: Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima, Japan KUH Kushiro, Japan: Kushiro Airport Kushiro, Japan KUM Yaku Shima, Japan: Yakush Yaku Shima, Japan MMB Memanbetsu, Japan: Memanbetsu Airport Memanbetsu, Japan MMD Minami Daito, Japan: Minami Daito Airport Minami Daito, Japan MMY Miyako Jima, Japan: Hirara Miyako Jima, Japan MMY Miyako, Japan: Miyako Miyako, Japan MSJ Misawa, Japan: Misawa Ab Misawa, Japan MYE Miyake Jima, Japan: Miyake Jima Airport Miyake Jima, Japan MYJ Matsuyama, Japan: Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama, Japan NGO Nagoya, Japan: Nagoya Airport Nagoya, Japan NGS Nagasaki, Japan: Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki, Japan NJA Atsugi, Japan: Atsugi Airport Atsugi, Japan NRT Tokyo, Japan: Narita Tokyo, Japan OBO Obihiro, Japan: Obihiro Airport Obihiro, Japan OGN Yonaguni, Japan: Yonaguni Airport Yonaguni, Japan OGN Yonaguni-Jima, Japan: Yonaguni-Jima Airport Yonaguni-Jima, Japan OIM Oshima Islands, Japan: Oshima Oshima Islands, Japan OIT Oita, Japan: Oita Old Oita, Japan OKD Sapporo, Japan: Okadama Sapporo, Japan OKJ Okayama, Japan: Okayama Airport Okayama, Japan OKO Tokyo, Japan: Yokota Ab Tokyo, Japan OMJ Omura/Nagasaki, Japan: Omura Omura/Nagasaki, Japan OSA Osaka, Japan: (Osaka Mean) Osaka, Japan OSA Osaka, Japan: Osaka International Osaka, Japan SDJ Sendai, Japan: Sendai Airport Sendai, Japan SHB Nakashibetsu, Japan: Nakashibetsu Airport Nakashibetsu, Japan SYO Shonai, Japan: Shonai Airport Shonai, Japan TAK Takamatsu, Japan: Takamatsu Airport Takamatsu, Japan TKS Tokushima, Japan: Tokushima Airport Tokushima, Japan TNE Tanegashima, Japan: Tanegashima Airport Tanegashima, Japan TOY Toyama, Japan: Toyama Airport Toyama, Japan TSJ Tsushima, Japan: Tsushima Airport Tsushima, Japan TTJ Tottori, Japan: Tottori Airport Tottori, Japan UBJ Ube, Japan: Ube Airport Ube, Japan UEO Kume Jima, Japan: Kume Jima Airport Kume Jima, Japan WKJ Wakkanai, Japan: Hokkaido Wakkanai, Japan XWQ Iwakuni, Japan: Iwakuni Mcas Iwakuni, Japan YGJ Yonago, Japan: Miho Yonago, Japan Japan News Japan mourns tsunami dead; grapples with unfinished business OFUNATO, Japan (Reuters) - With a minute of silence, tolling bells and prayers, Japan will on Sunday mark the first anniversary of an earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands and set off a nuclear
-fukue Airport Got?, Nagasaki Japan RJFF FUK Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka, Fukuoka Japan RJFG TNE New Tanegashima Airport Tanegashima, Kagoshima Japan RJFK KOJ Kagoshima Airport Mizobe, Kagoshima Japan RJFM KMI Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki, Miyazaki Japan RJFO OIT Oita Airport Musashi, Oita Japan RJFR KKJ New Kitakyushu Airport Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Japan RJFS HSG Saga Airport Kawasoe, Saga Japan RJFT KMJ Kumamoto Airport Mashiki, Kumamoto Japan RJFU NGS Nagasaki Airport Omura, Nagasaki Japan RJGG NGO Chubu Centrair International Airport (central Japan) Nagoya, Aichi Japan RJKA ASJ Amami Airport Amami ?shima, Kagoshima Japan RJKB OKE Okinoerabu Airport Wadomari, Kagoshima Japan RJKI KKX Kikai Airport Kikai, Kagoshima Japan RJKN TKN Tokunoshima Airport Tokunoshima, Kagoshima Japan RJNA NKM Nagoya Airport (komaki) Nagoya, Aichi Japan RJNF FKJ Fukui Airport Harue, Fukui Japan RJNK KMQ Komatsu Airport Komatsu, Ishikawa Japan RJNO OKI Oki Airport Okinoshima, Shimane Japan RJNT TOY Toyama Airport Toyama, Toyama Japan RJNW NTQ Noto Airport Wajima, Ishikawa Japan RJOA HIJ Hiroshima Airport Mihara, Hiroshima Japan RJOB OKJ Okayama Airport Okayama, Okayama Japan RJOC IZO Izumo Airport Hikawa, Shimane Japan RJOH YGJ Miho-yonago Airport Yonago, Tottori Japan RJOK KCZ Kochi Airport Nankoku, Kochi Japan RJOM MYJ Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama, Ehime Japan RJOO ITM Osaka International Airport (itami) Itami, Hyogo Japan RJOR TTJ Tottori Airport Tottori, Tottori Japan RJOS TKS Tokushima Airport Matsushige, Tokushima Japan RJOT TAK Takamatsu Airport Konan, Kagawa Japan RJOW IWJ Iwami Airport Masuda, Shimane Japan RJOY Yao Airport Yao, Osaka Japan RJSA AOJ Aomori Airport Aomori, Aomori Japan RJSC GAJ Yamagata Airport Higashine, Yamagata Japan RJSD SDS Sado Airport Sado Island, Niigata Japan RJSF FKS Fukushima Airport Tamakawa, Fukushima Japan RJSI HNA Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki, Iwate Japan RJSK AXT Akita Airport Akita, Akita Japan RJSM MSJ Misawa Air Base / Misawa Airport Misawa, Aomori Japan RJSN KIJ Niigata Airport Niigata, Niigata Japan RJSR ONJ Odate-noshiro Airport Kitaakita, Akita Japan RJSS SDJ Sendai Airport Natori, Miyagi (near Sendai) Japan RJSU Katsuminome Airport Sendai Japan RJSY SYO Shonai Airport Sakata, Yamagata Japan RJTA NJA Naval Air Facility Atsugi Japan RJTF Chofu Airport Ch?fu, Tokyo Japan RJTH HAC Hachijojima Airport Hachijojima, Tokyo Japan RJTO OIM Oshima Airport Izu ?shima, Tokyo Japan RJTQ MYE Miyakejima Airport Miyakejima, Tokyo Japan RJTT HND Tokyo International Airport (haneda) Ota, Tokyo Japan RJTY OKO Yokota Air Base (suburbs of Tokyo) Japan RKJJ KWJ Gwangju Airport Gwangju Korea, Republic of RKJK KUV
Fukue airport Okayama airport Odate Noshiro airport Kumejima airport Miyako Jima airport Toyama airport Tsushima airport Ishigaki airport Tottori airport Yonaguni Jima airport Aomori airport Ube airport Iki airport Obihiro airport Nakashibetsu airport Rishiri airport Kushiro airport Shirahama airport Iwo Jima Vol airport Here are the main airlines in Japan: ANA flights to Japan, Japan Airlines flights to Japan, British Airways (BA) flights to Japan Airports in Japan - route map
Fukue Airport – Gotō, Nagasaki * RJFF (FUK) – Fukuoka Airport – Fukuoka, Fukuoka * RJFG (TNE) – New Tanegashima Airport – Nakatane, Kagoshima * RJFK (KOJ) – Kagoshima Airport – Kirishima, Kagoshima * RJFM (KMI) – Miyazaki Airport – Miyazaki, Miyazaki * RJFO (OIT) – Oita Airport – Kunisaki, Ōita * RJFR (KKJ) – New Kitakyushu Airport – Kitakyushu, Fukuoka * RJFS (HSG) – Saga Airport – Saga, Saga * RJFT (KMJ) – Kumamoto Airport – Mashiki, Kumamoto * RJFU (NGS) – Nagasaki Airport – Omura, Nagasaki * RJGG (NGO) – Chubu Centrair International Airport (Centrair) – Chita, Aichi * RJKA (ASJ) – Amami Airport – Amami, Kagoshima * RJKB (OKE) – Okinoerabu Airport – Wadomari, Kagoshima * RJKI (KKX) – Kikai Airport – Kikai, Kagoshima * RJKN (TKN) – Tokunoshima Airport – Amagi, Kagoshima * RJNA (NKM) – Nagoya Airfield (Prefectural Nagoya Airport) – Toyoyama, Aichi * RJNF (FKJ) – Fukui Airport – Sakai, Fukui * RJNH – Hamamatsu Air Base – Hamamatsu, Shizuoka * RJNK (KMQ) – Komatsu Airport – Komatsu, Ishikawa * RJNO (OKI) – Oki Airport – Okinoshima, Shimane * RJNT (TOY) – Toyama Airport – Toyama, Toyama * RJNW (NTQ) – Noto Airport – Wajima, Ishikawa * RJOA (HIJ) – Hiroshima Airport – Mihara, Hiroshima * RJOB (OKJ) – Okayama Airport – Okayama, Okayama * RJOC (IZO) – Izumo Airport – Hikawa, Shimane * RJOH (YGJ) – Miho Airfield (Yonago Airport) – Sakaiminato, Tottori * RJOI – Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni – Iwakuni, Yamaguchi * RJOK (KCZ) – Kochi Airport – Nankoku, Kochi * RJOM (MYJ) – Matsuyama Airport – Matsuyama, Ehime
Fukue airport Fukui Fukui airport Fukui/tojimbo Fukuoka Fukuoka airport Fukuoka/sefurisan Fukushima Fukushima airport Fukushima arpt Fukuyama Furano Fushiki Futenma Gajashima (lgt-h) Gifu Gifu ab Haboro Hachijojima Hachijojima airport Hachinohe Hachinohe ab Hagi Hajiki (lgt-h) Hakodate Hakodate airport Hakodate/yokotsudak Hamada Hamamatsu Hamamatsu ab Hamby aaf/buckner Hanamaki airport Hateruma Hegurashima (lgt-h) Hikone Himeji Hirado Hiroo Hirosaki Hiroshima Hiroshima airport Hiroshima/haigamine Hiroshimanishi Hita Hitoyoshi Hofu ab Hososhima (lgt-h) Hyakuri ab Ibukiyama mtn (aut) Ichigaya Ichikawa Ichinoseki Iejima airport Iejima auxiliary ab Iida Iizuka Iki airport Ikomayana Irako Iriomotejima Irozaki Iruma ab Ishigaki airport Ishigakijima Ishigakijima/omotod Ishikarinumata Ishinomaki Iwakuni Iwakuni mcas Iwami airport Iwamizawa Iwojima Izuhara Izumo airport Kadena (usafnavy) Kadena ok (npmod) Kagoshima Kagoshima airport Kagoshima/ichiki Kakioka Kamigoto Kanazawa Kanoya Kanoya ab Kansai internationa Kansai intl Karuizawa Kastner aaf Kasumigaura ab Kasuminome ab Katsuura Kawaguchiko Kerama Kikai Kinkasan (lgt-h) Kisarazu Kitadaito Kitakyushu airport Kitami Kitamiesashi Kiyose Kobe Kochi Kochi airport Kofu Komatsu ab Komatsujima ab Koriyama Kumagaya Kumamoto Kumamoto airport Kumejima Kumejima airport Kure Kure reg met hq Kusagkishima(lgt-h) Kushiro Kushiro airport Kushiro/kombumori Kutchan Kyoga (lgt-h)
Fukue Airport Japan FUK Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport Japan FKS Fukushima Fukushima Airport Japan FUN Funafuti Atol Funafuti Atol International Airport Tuvalu FNC Funchal Madeira Airport Portugal > Madeira FUO Fuoshan Fuoshan Airport China FTA Futuna Island Futuna Airport Vanuatu FUT Futuna Island Futuna Island Airport Wallis and Futuna FUG Fuyang Fuyang Airport China FOC Fuzhou Fuzhou Airport China
Fukue Airport, Japan (lat 32.6664°, long 128.8328°, altitude 80 metres) RJFK 90.3 miles Southeast Kagoshima Airport, Japan (lat 31.8033°, long 130.
Fukue Airport,Japan * RJFF Fukuoka Airport,Japan * RJFG Tanegashima Airport,Japan * RJFK Kagoshima Airport,Japan * RJFM Miyazaki Airport,Japan * RJFN Nyutabaru Ab,Japan * RJFO Oita Airport,Japan * RJFR Kitakyushu Airport,Japan * RJFT Kumamoto Airport,Japan * RJFU Nagasaki Airport,Japan * RJFW Sasebo Usn,Japan * RJFY Kanoya Ab,Japan * RJFZ Tsuiki Ab,Japan * RJKA Amami Airport,Japan * RJKB Okinoerabu,Japan * RJKI Kikai Island,Japan * RJKN Tokunoshima Island,Japan * RJNF Fukui Airport,Japan * RJNG Gifu Ab,Japan * RJNH Hamamatsu Ab,Japan * RJNK Komatsu Ab,Japan * RJNN Nagoya Airport,Japan * RJNO Oki Airport,Japan * RJNT Toyama Airport,Japan * RJNY Shizuhama Ab,Japan * RJOA Hiroshima Airport,Japan * RJOB Okayama Airport,Japan * RJOC Izumo Airport,Japan * RJOE Akeno Ab,Japan * RJOF Hofu Ab,Japan * RJOH Miho Ab,Japan * RJOI Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station,Japan * RJOK Kochi Airport,Japan
Fukue Airport 都市:長崎 空港コード 定期便:あり HP: * 福江空港ターミナルビル 日本語あり * トップ * ニュース * 路線 * 航空フォト * 撮影スポット * メンバー * 地図 五島福江空港 航空路線 一覧 - * Tweet * mixiチェック * 五島福江空港の路線 一覧です。 各路線ページでは、フライト情報などのニュースや搭乗レビューを確認することができます。 現在、掲載しているのは一部の路線です。 路線情報は、ニュースの配信や皆さんからの搭乗レビューにより、新規登録・追加を随時行っております。 皆さんからの搭乗レビューの投稿をお待ちしております。 直行便の路線が開設されていない場合もあります。 日本 国内路線 * 長崎 - 関西 (大阪) * 長崎 - 福岡 * 長崎 - 松本 * 長崎 - 静岡 * 長崎 - 長崎 * 長崎 - 壱岐 © 32meetooさん © matsuさん © snow_shinさん © JA731Aさん © White_Maneさん 五島福江空港から乗った飛行機の搭乗レビューを投稿・公開しませんか? FlyTeam(フライチーム)では、搭乗レビューを投稿・公開するブログ機能を提供しています。 詳しくは >> 国内レンタカー - 国内レンタカーの予約サイトを紹介します。 楽天トラベル 国内レンタカー 全国約4,000店舗からレンタカー各社を比較・即時予約できるレンタカー予約サイト。 旅プラザ 国内レンタカー 日本旅行が運営する「旅プラザ」の国内レンタカー、24時間即時予約OK ニッポンレンタカー 日本有数の営業所を持つニッポンレンタカー。1時間前まで予約可能です。 マツダレンタカー 全国425店舗以上の営業所を持つマツダレンタカー。1時間前まで予約可能です。 旅の予約サイト一覧を、もっと見る >> キーワード検索 - サイト内検索 サイト内のキーワード検索です。 2,3レターコード、レジ検索 航空会社、空港、機体番号(レジ)の検索です。 例:HNL、RJTT、JAL、JL、JA8089 etc PageTop * 世界の航空会社Airlines * JL * NH * BC * KE * OZ * CA * CI * CX * SQ * TG * BA * AF * LH * KL * QF * EK * AK * JQ * 世界の空港Airports * NRT * HND * KIX * ITM * NGO * CTS * FUK * ICN * PEK * PVG * HKG * SIN * BKK * TPE * LHR
Fukue Airport FKJ Fukui: Fukui Airport FUK Fukuoka: Fukuoka Airport FKS Fukushima: Fukushima Airport QGU Gifu: Gifu Aero Airport HAC Hachijojima: Hachijojima Airport HKD Hakodate: Hakodate Airport HNA Hanamaki: Hanamaki Airport HTR Hateruma: Hateruma Airport HIJ Hiroshima: Hiroshima Airport HIW Hiroshimanishi: Hiroshimanishi Airport IEJ Iejima: Iejima Airport IKI Ikishima: Iki Airport ISG Ishigaki I: Ishigaki Airport IWJ Iwami: Iwami Airport IWO Iwojima: Iwojima Aero Airport IZO Izumo: Izumo Airport KOJ Kagoshima: Kagoshima Airport KTD Kitadaito I: Kitadaito Airport KKJ Kitakyushu: Kitakyushu Airport KCZ Kochi: Kochi Airport KMQ Komatsu: Komatsu Airport KMJ Kumamoto: Kumamoto Airport UEO Kumejima: Kumejima Airport KUH Kushiro: Kushiro Airport MMJ Matsumoto: Matsumoto Airport MYJ Matsuyama: Matsuyama Airport MMB Memanbetsu: Memanbetsu Airport MMD Minamidaito: New Minamidaito Airport MSJ Misawa: Misawa Ab Airport MYE Miyakejima: Miyake Airport MMY Miyakojima: Miyako Airport KMI Miyazaki: Miyazaki Airport MBE Monbetsu: New Monbetsu Airport NGS Nagasaki: Nagasaki Airport NGO Nagoya: Nagoya Airport OKA Naha: Naha Airport SHB Nakashibetsu: Nakashibetsu Airport SHM Nanki-Shirahama: Nanki-Shirahama Airport KIJ Niigata: Niigata Airport OBO Obihiro: Obihiro Airport ONJ Odate-Noshiro Japan: Odate-Noshiro Airport OIT Oita: Oita Airport ///- Okayama: Kohnan Airport OKJ Okayama: Okayama Airport OKI Oki: Oki Airport OKE Okierabu I: Okierabu Airport OIR Okushiri: Okushiri Airport KIX Osaka: Kansai Intl Airport ITM Osaka: Osaka Intl Airport Osaka Hotels OIM Oshima: Oshima Airport RBJ Rebun: Rebun Airport RIS Rishiri: Rishiri Airport SDS Sado: Sado Airport HSG Saga Japan: Saga Airport OKD Sapporo: Sapporo Airport SDJ Sendai: Sendai Airport
-Fukue Airport FUK RJFF Fukuoka Airport FUL KFUL Fullerton Municipal Airport FUN NGFU Funafuti International Airport FVE KFVE Northern Aroostook Regional Airport FVX
Fukue Airport (FUJ, RJFE) Fukui Airport (FKJ, RJNF) Fukuoka Airport (FUK, RJFF) Fukushima Airport (FKS, RJSF) Futenma Marine Corps Air Station (ROTM) Gifu Airport (QGU, RJNG) Hachijojima Airport (HAC, RJTH) Hachinohe Airport (HHE, RJSH) Hakodate Airport (HKD, RJCH) Hamamatsu Airport (RJNH)
Fukue Airport * Fukushima, Nagasaki * Fumie * Futsu, Nagasaki * Glover Garden * Gotō, Nagasaki * Gounoura, Nagasaki * Hanare Kirishitan * Hasami, Nagasaki * Hirado Castle * Hirado, Nagasaki * Hizen Province * Iimori, Nagasaki * Iki Airport * Iki Island * Iki Province * Iki, Nagasaki * Ikitsuki, Nagasaki * Isahaya, Nagasaki * Ishida, Nagasaki * Izuhara, Nagasaki * Iōjima, Nagasaki * Jakarta * Japan * Japanese language * Kakure Kirishitan * Kamiagata, Nagasaki * Kamigotō, Nagasaki * Katsumoto, Nagasaki * Kawatana, Nagasaki * Kazusa, Nagasaki * Kinkai, Nagasaki * Kirishitan * Kishiku, Nagasaki * Kitaarima, Nagasaki * Konagai, Nagasaki * Korea * Kosaza, Nagasaki * Koyagi, Nagasaki * Kuchinotsu, Nagasaki * Kujū-ku Islands * Kunimi, Nagasaki * Kyūshū * Kyūshū region * Kōfuku-ji (Nagasaki) * Mandarin Duck * Matsuura, Nagasaki * Meiji Restoration
Fukue Airport (FUJ) Komatsu Airport (KMQ) Shizuoka Airport (FSZ) Guam Airport (GUM) Macau (MFM) Singapore (SIN) Hanamaki Airport (HNA) Matsumoto Airport (MMJ) Tianjin (TSN) Haneda (HND) Miyazaki Airport (KMI) Tsushima (TSJ) Ho Chi Minh City Airport (SGN) Nagoya (NGO) Wuhan Airport
Fukue Airport Fukue Japan 28 RJFF FUK Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka Japan 29 RJFG TNE Tanegashima Airport Tanegashima Japan 30 RJFK KOJ Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima Japan 31 RJFM KMI Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki Japan 32 RJFO OIT Oita Airport Oita Japan 33 RJFR KKJ Kita Kyushu Airport Kita Kyushu Japan 34 RJFS HSG Saga Airport Saga Japan 35 RJFT KMJ Kumamoto Airport Kumamoto Japan 36 RJFU NGS Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki Japan 37 RJKA ASJ Amami O Shima Airport Amami O Shima Japan 38 RJKB OKE Okino Erabu Airport Okino Erabu Japan 39 RJKI KKX Kikaiga Shima Airport Kikaiga Shima Japan 40 RJKN TKN Tokunoshima Airport Tokunoshima Japan 41 RJNA NKM Komaki AFB Airport Nagoya Japan 42 RJNF FKJ Fukui Airport Fukui Japan 43 RJNN NGO Centrair Airport Tokoname Japan 44 RJNO OKI Oki Island Airport Oki Island Japan 45 RJNT TOY Toyama Airport Toyama Japan 46 RJNW NTQ Noto Airport Wajima Japan 47 RJOA HIJ Hiroshima International Airport Hiroshima Japan 48 RJOB OKJ Okayama Airport Okayama Japan 49 RJOC IZO Izumo Airport Izumo Japan 50 RJOH YGJ Miho Airport Yonago Japan 51 RJOK KCZ Kochi Airport Kochi Japan 52 RJOM MYJ Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama Japan 53 RJOO ITM Itami Airport Osaka Japan 54 RJOP KMQ Komatsu Airport Komatsu Japan 55 RJOR TTJ Tottori Airport Tottori Japan 56 RJOS TKS Tokushima Airport Tokushima Japan 57 RJOT TAK Takamatsu Airport Takamatsu Japan 58 RJOW IWJ Iwami Airport Iwami Japan 59 RJSA AOJ Aomori Airport Aomori Japan 60 RJSC GAJ Junmachi Airport Yamagata Japan 61 RJSD SDS Sado Shima Airport Sado Shima Japan 62 RJSH HHE Hachinohe Airport Hachinohe Japan 63 RJSI HNA Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki Japan 64 RJSK AXT Akita Airport Akita Japan 65 RJSM MSJ Misawa Airport Misawa Japan 66 RJSR ONJ Odate Noshiro Airport Odate Noshiro Japan 67 RJSS SDJ Sendai Airport Sendai Japan 68 RJSY SYO Shonai Airport Shonai Japan 69 RJTA NJA Atsugi NAS Airport Atsugi Japan 70 RJTH HAC Hachijo Jima Airport Hachijo Jima Japan 71 RJTO OIM Oshima Airport Oshima Japan 72 RJTQ MYE Miyake Jima Airport Miyake Jima Japan 73 RJTT HND Tokyo Haneda International Airport Tokyo Japan 74 RJTY OKO Yokota Afb Airport Tokyo Japan TopRC RJ RK RO RP RK # ICAO IATA Name City Country 1 RKJJ KWJ Gwangju Airport Gwangju South Korea 2 RKJK KUV Gunsan Airport Gunsan South Korea 3 RKJM MPK Mokpo Airport Mokpo South Korea 4 RKJU CHN Jeonju Airport Jeonju South Korea 5 RKJY RSU Yeosu Airport Yeosu South Korea 6 RKND SHO Seolak Airport Sokcho South Korea 7 RKNN KAG Gangneung Airport Gangneung South Korea 8 RKNW WJU WonJu Airport WonJu South Korea 9 RKNY YNY Yangyang Airport Yangyang South Korea 10 RKPC CJU Jeju Airport Jeju South Korea 11 RKPE CHF Jinhae Airport Jinhae South Korea 12 RKPK PUS Gimhae Airport Busan South Korea 13 RKPS HIN Sacheon Airport Jinju South Korea 14 RKPU USN Ulsan Airport Ulsan South
-Fukue Airport Hachijō Tokyo Hachijōjima RJTH HAC Hachijōjima Airport Makinohara / Shimada Shizuoka Honshū RJNS FSZ Shizuoka Airport Hanamaki Iwate Honshū RJSI HNA Hanamaki Airport Harue Fukui Honshū RJNF FKJ Fukui Airport Hikawa Shimane Honshū RJOC IZO Izumo Airport Ie Okinawa Iejima RORE IEJ Iejima Airport Iki Nagasaki Iki RJDB IKI Iki Airport Ishigaki Okinawa Ishigaki ROIG ISG Ishigaki Airport Izu Ōshima Tokyo Izu Ōshima RJTO OIM Oshima Airport Kawasoe Saga Kyūshū RJFS HSG Saga Airport Kikai Kagoshima Kyūshū RJKI KKX Kikai Airport Kita Akita Akita Honshū RJSR ONJ Odate-Noshiro Airport Kitadaitō Okinawa Kitadaitō RORK KTD Kitadaito Airport Kobe Hyōgo Honshū RJBE UKB Kobe Airport Kōzushima Tokyo Kōzushima RJAZ Kōzushima Airport Kumejima Okinawa Kumejima ROKJ UEO Kumejima Airport Masuda Shimane Honshū RJOW IWJ Iwami Airport Matsumoto Nagano Honshū RJAF MMJ Matsumoto Airport Memanbetsu Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCM MMB Memanbetsu Airport Minamidaitō Okinawa Minamidaitō ROMD MMD Minami-Daito Airport (New Minamidaito) Miyakejima Tokyo Miyakejima RJTQ MYE Miyakejima Airport Miyakojima Okinawa Shimojishima RORS SHI Shimojishima Airport Miyakojima Okinawa Miyakojima ROMY MMY Miyako Airport Monbetsu Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJEB MBE Monbetsu Airport (Okhotsk-Monbetsu) Nakashibetsu Hokkaidō Hokkaidō RJCN SHB Nakashibetsu Airport Niijima Tokyo Niijima RJAN Niijima Airport Ojika Nagasaki Ojika RJDO Ojika Airport (Nagasaki Ojika) Okayama Okayama Honshū RJOB OKJ Okayama Airport Okinoshima Shimane Dōgo RJNO OKI Oki Airport Okushiri Hokkaidō Okushiri RJEO OIR Okushiri Airport Rebun Hokkaidō Rebun RJCR RBJ Rebun Airport Rishirifuji Hokkaidō Rishiri RJER RIS Rishiri Airport Sado Niigata Sado RJSD SDS Sado Airport Sakata Yamagata
Fukue Airport, Japan Fukue, Japan Fukui Airport, Japan Fukui, Japan Fukuoka Airport, Japan Fukuoka, Japan Fukushima Airport, Japan Fukushima, Japan Fukuyama, Japan Fushiki, Japan Futenma Marine Corps Air Facility, Japan — G — Gifu Ab, Japan Gifu Air Base, Japan Gifu, Japan — H — Haboro, Japan Hachijojima Airport, Japan Hachijojima, Japan Hachinohe Ab, Japan Hachinohe Air Base, Japan Hachinohe, Japan Hagi, Japan Hakodake, Japan Hakodate Airport, Japan Hakodate, Japan Hamada, Japan Hamamatsu Ab, Japan Hamamatsu Air Base, Japan Hamamatsu, Japan Hamby Aaf, Japan Hamby U S Army Airfield, Japan Hanamaki Airport, Japan Hanamaki, Japan Hateruma, Japan Hegurashima, Japan Hikone, Japan Himeji, Japan Hirado, Japan Hiroo, Japan Hiroshima Airport, Japan Hiroshima, Japan Hiroshimanishi, Japan Hita, Japan Hitoyoshi, Japan Hofu Ab, Japan Hofu Air Base, Japan Hyakuri Ab, Japan Hyakuri Air Base, Japan — I — Ibukiyama, Japan Ichikawa, Japan Iejima Auxiliary Ab, Japan Iejima Auxiliary Air Base, Japan Iida, Japan Iizuka, Japan Iki Airport, Japan Iki, Japan Irako, Japan Iriomotejima, Japan Irozaki, Japan Iruma Ab, Japan Iruma Air Base, Japan Ishigaki, Japan Ishigakijima, Japan Ishinomaki, Japan Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Japan Iwami Airport, Japan Iwami, Japan Iwamizawa, Japan Iwojima, Japan Izuhara, Japan Izumo Airport, Japan Izumo, Japan — J — Japan, MO — K — Kadena Ab, Japan Kagoshima Airport, Japan Kagoshima, Japan Kakioka, Japan Kamigoto, Japan Kanazawa, Japan Kanoya Ab, Japan Kanoya Air Base, Japan Kanoya, Japan Kansai International Airport, Japan Kansai, Japan Karuizawa, Japan Kasumigaura Ab, Japan Kasumigaura Air Base, Japan Kasuminome Ab, Japan Kasuminome Air Base, Japan Katsuura, Japan Kawaguchiko, Japan Kikai Island, Japan Kisarazu Ab, Japan Kisarazu Air Base, Japan Kitadaito Island, Japan Kitakyushu Airport, Japan Kitakyushu, Japan Kitamiesashi, Japan Kiyose, Japan Kobe, Japan Kochi Airport, Japan Kochi, Japan Kofu, Japan Komatsu Ab, Japan Komatsu Air Base, Japan Komatsujima Ab, Japan Komatsujima Air Base, Japan Kumagaya, Japan Kumamoto Airport, Japan Kumamoto, Japan Kumejima, Japan Kure, Japan Kushiro Airport, Japan Kushiro, Japan Kutchan, Japan Kyoto, Japan — M — Maebashi, Japan Maizuru, Japan Makurazaki, Japan Matsue, Japan Matsumoto Airport, Japan Matsumoto, Japan Matsushima Ab, Japan Matsushima Air Base, Japan Matsushiro, Japan Matsuyama Airport, Japan Matsuyama, Japan Memambetsu Airport, Japan Memambetsu, Japan Meshima, Japan Metabaru Ab, Japan Metabaru Air Base, Japan Miho Ab, Japan Miho Air Base, Japan Minamidaito, Japan Minamidaitojima, Japan Minamitorishima, Japan Misawa Ab, Japan Misawa Air Base, Japan Mishima, Japan Mito, Japan Miyakejima Airport, Japan Miyakejima, Japan Miyako, Japan — M — Miyakojima, Japan Miyakonojo, Japan Miyazaki Airport, Japan Miyazaki, Japan Mombetsu Airport, Japan Mombetsu, Japan Mori, Japan Morioka, Japan Muroran, Japan Murotomisaki, Japan Mutsu, Japan — N — Naf Atsugi, Japan Nagano, Japan Nagasaki Airport, Japan Nagasaki, Japan Nago, Japan Nagoya Airport, Japan Nagoya, Japan Naha Airport, Japan Naha City, Japan Naha, Japan Nakashibetsu Airport, Japan Nakashibetsu, Japan Nankishirahama Airport, Japan Nankishirahama, Japan Nara, Japan Naze, Japan Nemuro, Japan New Chitose, Japan New Tokyo Inter National Airport, Japan New Tokyo, Japan Niigata Airport, Japan Niigata, Japan Nikko, Japan Nobeoka, Japan Nyutabaru Ab, Japan Nyutabaru Air Base, Japan — O — Obihiro Airport, Japan Obihiro, Japan Odate Noshiro Airport, Japan Odate Noshiro, Japan Ofunato, Japan Oita Airport, Japan Oita, Japan Ojika Island, Japan Okayama Airport, Japan Okayama, Japan Oki Airport, Japan Oki, Jap
-Fukue Airport (Goto-) Hachijojima Airport (Hachijojima) Hakodate Airport (Hakodate) Hanamaki Airport (Hanamaki) Fukui Airport (Harue) Yamagata Airport (Higashine) Izumo Airport (Hikawa) Iejima Airport (Ie) Iki Airport (Iki) Ishigaki Airport (Ishigaki) New Ishigaki Airport (under construction) (Ishigaki) Oshima Airport (Izu O-shima) Kansai Airport (Izumisano, Tajiri, Sennan) Saga Airport (Kawasoe) Kikai Airport (Kikai) Kagoshima Airport (Kirishima) Odate-Noshiro Airport (Kita Akita) Kitadaito Airport (Kitadaito) Kitakyushu Airport (Kitakyushu) Kobe Airport (Kobe) Ko-zushima Airport (Kozushima) Kumejima Airport (Kumejima) O-ita Airport (Kunisaki) Kushiro Airport (Kushiro) Shizuoka Airport (Makinohara/Shimada) Kumamoto Airport (Mashiki) Iwami Airport (Masuda) Matsumoto Airport (Matsumoto) Matsuyama Airport (Matsuyama) Memanbetsu Airport (Memanbetsu) Hiroshima Airport (Mihara) Minami-Daito Airport (New Minamidaito) (Minamidaito) Miyakejima Airport (Miyakejima) Miyako Airport (Miyakojima) Shimojishima Airport (Miyakojima) Miyazaki Airport (Miyazaki) Monbetsu Airport (Okhotsk-Monbetsu) (Monbetsu) Naha Airport (Naha) Nakashibetsu Airport (Nakashibetsu) Ko-chi Ryo-ma Airport (Nankoku) Narita Airport (Narita) Sendai Airport (Natori) Niigata Airport (Niigata) Niijima Airport (Niijima) Tokyo Airport (Haneda) (O-ta) Tokachi-Obihiro Airport (Obihiro) (Obihiro) Ojika Airport (Nagasaki Ojika) (Ojika) Okayama Airport (Okayama) Oki Airport (Okinoshima) Okushiri Airport (Okushiri) Nagasaki Airport (Omura) Rebun Airport (Rebun) Rishiri Airport (Rishirifuji) Sado Airport (Sado Island) Shonai Airport (Sakata) Kamigoto Airport (Shinkamigoto) Nanki-Shirahama Airport (Shirahama) Takamatsu Airport (Takamatsu) Hateruma Airport (Taketomi) Fukushima Airport (Tamakawa) New Tanegashima Airport (Tanegashima) Tarama Airport (Tarama) Chu-bu Airport (Centrair) (Tokoname) Tokunoshima Airport (Tokunoshima) Tottori Airport (Tottori) Toyama Airport (Toyama) Osaka Airport (Itami) (Toyonaka, Ikeda, Itami) Tsushima Airport (Tsushima) Yamaguchi Ube Airport (Ube) Okinoerabu Airport (Wadomari) Noto Airport (Wajima) Wakkanai Airport (Wakkanai) Yakushima Airport (Yakushima) Yao Airport (Yao) Yonaguni Airport (Yonaguni) Yoron Airport (Yoron) Kerama Airport (Zamami) Toll Free USA and Canada 1-877-237-5387 United Kingdom +44 (203) 318-1064 Other International
-Fukue Airport on Fukue serves the city. It was established in 1963 to serve as a regional airport.
Fukue Airport Fukue Japan FUK RJFF Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka Japan FUL KFUL Fullerton Municipal Airport Fullerton USA - California FUM - Fuma Airport Fuma Papua New Guinea
-Fukue Airport Nagasaki - Japan, IATA-Code: FUJ RJFF Flughafen Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka - Japan, IATA-Code: FUK RJFG Flughafen Tanegashima Airport Kagoshima - Japan, IATA-Code: TNE RJFK Flughafen Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima - Japan, IATA-Code: KOJ RJFM Flughafen Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki - Japan, IATA-Code: KMI RJFO Flughafen Oita Airport Oita - Japan, IATA-Code: OIT RJFR Flughafen New Kitakyushu Airport Fukuoka - Japan, IATA-Code: KKJ RJFS Flughafen Saga Airport Saga - Japan, IATA-Code: HSG RJFT Flughafen Kumamoto Airport Kumamoto - Japan, IATA-Code: KMJ RJFU Flughafen Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki - Japan, IATA-Code: NGS RJGG Flughafen Chubu International Airport (Centrair) Aichi - Japan, IATA-Code: NGO RJKA Flughafen Amami Airport Kagoshima - Japan, IATA-Code: ASJ RJKB Flughafen Okinoerabu Airport Kagoshima - Japan, IATA-Code: OKE RJKI Flughafen Kikai Airport Kagoshima - Japan, IATA-Code: KKX RJKN Flughafen Tokunoshima Airport Kagoshima - Japan, IATA-Code: TKN RJNA Flughafen Nagoya Airport (Komaki) Aichi - Japan, IATA-Code: NKM RJNF Flughafen Fukui Airport Fukui - Japan, IATA-Code: FKJ RJNO Flughafen Oki Airport Shimane - Japan, IATA-Code: OKI RJNT Flughafen Toyama Airport Toyama - Japan, IATA-Code: TOY RJNW Flughafen Noto Airport Ishikawa - Japan, IATA-Code: NTQ RJOA Flughafen Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima - Japan, IATA-Code: HIJ RJOB Flughafen Okayama Airport Okayama - Japan, IATA-Code: OKJ RJOC Flughafen Izumo Airport Shimane - Japan, IATA-Code: IZO RJOK Flughafen Kochi Airport Kochi - Japan, IATA-Code: KCZ RJOM Flughafen Matsuyama Airport Ehime - Japan, IATA-Code: MYJ RJOO Flughafen Osaka International Airport (Itami) Hyogo - Japan, IATA-Code: ITM RJOR Flughafen Tottori Airport Tottori - Japan, IATA-Code: TTJ RJOT Flughafen Takamatsu Airport Kagawa - Japan, IATA-Code: TAK RJOW Flughafen Iwami Airport Shimane - Japan, IATA-Code: IWJ RJSA Flughafen Aomori Airport Aomori - Japan, IATA-Code: AOJ RJSC Flughafen Yamagata Airport Yamagata - Japan, IATA-Code: GAJ RJSD Flughafen Sado Airport Niigata - Japan, IATA-Code: SDS RJSF Flughafen Fukushima Airport Fukushima - Japan, IATA-Code: FKS RJSI Flughafen Hanamaki Airport Iwate - Japan, IATA-Code: HNA RJSK Flughafen Akita Airport Akita - Japan, IATA-Code: AXT RJSN Flughafen Niigata Airport Niigata - Japan, IATA-Code: KIJ RJSR Flughafen Odate-Noshiro Airport Akita - Japan, IATA-Code: ONJ RJSS Flughafen Sendai Airport Miyagi - Japan, IATA-Code: SDJ RJSY Flughafen Shonai Airport Yamagata - Japan, IATA-Code: SYO RJTH Flughafen Hachijojima Airport Tokyo - Japan, IATA-Code: HAC RJTO Flughafen Oshima Airport Tokyo - Japan, IATA-Code: OIM RJTQ Flughafen Miyakejima Airport Tokyo - Japan, IATA-Code: MYE RJTT Flughafen Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) Tokyo - Japan, IATA-Code: HND RKJJ Flughafen Kwangju Aero Kwangju - S