This is an airport in Syria

Damascus Int. Airport | N/A | Damascus (OSDI) | 11 °C | صافية Nearby Weather StationsThere are no personal weather stations in this area.
Damascus Int. AirportLos tiempos mostrados son locales de DamascoPronóstico para hoyHoyChubascos / ClarosChubascos / ClarosMáx.: 60°FMín.
Damascus Int. Airport, Syria (lat 33.4115°, long 36.5156°, altitude 609 metres) 40256 91.7 miles West Wadi Rayan, IR, Jordan (lat 32.4000°, long 35.
Damascus int. Airport Syrian Airlines at Damascus int.
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Damascus Int.
Damascus Int. Airport, Syrian Arab Republic: Aktuelle Wetter in Damascus Int. Airport, Syrian Arab Republic Aktuelle Wind in Damascus Int. Airport, Syrian Arab Republic Aktuelle Temperatur in Damascus Int.
Damascus Int. Airport DAM OSDI 22 km Galilee / Pina RPN LLIB 89 km željeznice željeznice web-stranica Hedjaz Railway (en) CFS Syrian Railways (ar) željezničke stanice željezničke stanice udaljenost Maḩaţţat al Ḩijāz 1.9 km Maḩaţţat al Qadam 2.4 km Maḩaţţat Barāmikah 2.
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