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This is an airport in Japan

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Chitose AB, Japan, (1946–1948) * Misawa AAB (later, AB), Japan, (1948–1950) * Itazuke AB, Japan, (1950) * Taegu AB (K-2), South Korea, (1950–1953) * Kunsan AB (K-8), South Korea, (1953) * Itazuke AB, Japan, (1953–1956) * Misawa AAB (later, AB), Japan,(1956–1957) * Chitose AB, Japan, (1957) * Etain-Rouvres Air Base, France (1957–1959) * Spangdahlem Air Base, West Germany, (1959–1968) * Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico (1968–2006, 2008–Present) Deployed: Ramstein Air Base, West Germany, (10 September - 6 October 1971, 2 March - 4 April 1973)
Chitose AB Japan (1:72) Hasbro 2012 Star Wars Lineup DID Ralf Krakow, Poland 1943, SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf Obersturmf
Chitose AB, Japanmarker, replacing the 83d Fighter-Day Wing, and has been the host unit ever since.
Chitose AB, Japan HA1907 F- 4E Phantom II "Arkansas Traveler II" 469th TFS - 388th TFW, Korat AB Thailand, 1970 If you arrived at this page using a search engine or a link from another site please click on
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Chitose AB * RF-4EJ (left side) * RF-4EJ (right side) * F-4 from Hyakuri AB Egypt - * Egyptian F-4E in 1980 * Egyptian F-4E Pantom II in 1985 Turkey -
Chitose AB PLAAF Jinzhou Xiaolingzi AB J-20A Squadron 1029 Komatsu AB PLAAF Jinzhou Xiaolingzi AB J-20A + J-20B Squadron 949 Misawa AB PLAAF Jinzhou
Chitose AB, four aircraft out of fuel. Two crashed. Two emergency landed. 8 May 1957: 8:50. While flying, an US military B-50 tanker crashed in sea near Izu.
Chitose AB, Misawa AB and the ADCC are the organizations that meet the requirements for membership in the Association.
Chitose AB, Japan, 7 Nov 1953?9 Feb 1954; Eielson AFB, AK, 5 Dec 1956?7 Jan 1957; Hahn AB, Germany, 15 Aug?21 Aug 1958; Aviano AB, Italy, 22 Aug 1958?19 Jan 1959); George AFB, CA, 15
Chitose AB 1955/now 1968/99 3 kawasaki helicopter system kv-107iia-2 1971/90 7 japanese maritime self defence force kv-107iia-3 1971/90 111 Kokutai Iwakuni 1971/02 1 japanese ground self defence force kv-107ii-4a 1972/97 8 marinen kv-107ii-16 hkp4c 1973/01 1 Keishichō kv-107iia-17 1973/02 18 japanese ground self defence force kv-107iia-4 1973/now 35 japanese air self defence force kv-107iia-5 1973/00 Chitose Kyunantai Chitose AB 1955/now 1973/95 Naha Kyunantai Naha Airfield 1955/now 1973/08 Hamamatsu Kyunantai Hamamatsu Air Base 1955/now 1976/now 4 columbia helicopters international kv-107ii-2 1976/now 1 columbia helicopters international kv-107ii-7 1979/now 7 ministry of interior kv-107iia-sm-1 1979/now general civil defence agency gcda Abha 1980/now King Abdullah Aziz Air Base 1980/now King Khaled Air Base
Chitose AB, Japan, replacing the 83d Fighter-Day Wing, and has been the host unit ever since.
Chitose Ab, 43 km (27 miles) * Asahikawa Airport, 111 km (69 miles) * Tokachi Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, 149 km (92 miles) * Tokachi-Obihiro Airport, 157 km (97 miles) * Kushiro Airport, 231 km (144 miles) * Memambetsu Airport, 245 km (152 miles) * Nakashibetsu Airport, 298 km (185 miles) Airfields in Japan * Asahikawa Ab, 116 km (72 miles) Japan * Toyohira, 5 km (3 miles) Administrative Facilities in
Chitose AB (RJCC) | -2 °C | Mostly Cloudy Sapporo AB (RJCO) | N/A | Light Showers Snow Nearby Weather StationsThere are no personal weather stations in this area.