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This is an airport in Japan

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Asahikawa Airport is located 10 kilometers south of the city and provides flights to Tokyo (Haneda Airport), Osaka (Kansai and Itami Airports), Nagoya and Hakodate and Seoul.
Asahikawa airport for Furano and get off at the second bus stop,"Biei-eki", which is Biei station. about 15min.
Asahikawa Airport - Asahikawa, Japan (AKJ / RJEC) 126 km: Tokachi-Obihiro Airport - Obihiro, Japan (OBO / RJCB) 133 km: Hakodate Airport - Hakodate, Japan (HKD / RJCH) 207 km: Kushiro Airport - Kushiro, Japan (KUH / RJCK) 220 km: Monbetsu Airport - Monbetsu, Japan (MBE / RJEB) 233 km: Misawa Airport - Misawa, Japan (MSJ / RJSM) 236 km: Memanbetsu Airport - Memanbetsu, Japan (MMB / RJCM) find a hotel near CTS - Local airports near CTS - 23 km: Sapporo Metropolitan Area - Sapporo, Japan (SPK) 44 km: Sapporo Okadama Airport - Sapporo, Japan (OKD / RJCO) related links - * hotel lodging near CTS * cities near CTS * latitude/longitude of New Chitose Airport * major airports in Japan * major cities in Japan Map of airports near CTS
Asahikawa Airport it is 60 min., and from downtown Asahikawa it is 90 min.
Asahikawa Airport? When do I have to pay the trip balance? What if I have to cancel my trip? Do I need to have travel insurance? What happens on a ride? = Bike Tours
Asahikawa Airport 9:59 13:09 16:29 Michikusa Kan 10:09 13:19 16:39 Asahidake Onsen 10:51 14:01 17:21 From Asahidake Onsen to JR Asahikawa Station 1st 2nd 3rd Asahidake Onsen 11:00 14:10 17:30 Michikusa Kan 11:40
Asahikawa Airport - RJEC Aircraft: All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 737-881 Location: Asahikawa Airport - RJEC Japan Registration/Serial No.
Asahikawa Airport to Furano 'Lavender Go' buses take approximately an hour and a half in winter from Asahikawa Airport to Furano. This hourly service is provided from 10.00am~7.00pm.
Asahikawa airport / 30 min by bus from Kamikawa stn. and 5 min walk from Sounkyo bus station / 110 min by bus from Asahikawa stn.
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(Asahikawa Airport is about an hour and a half flight from Haneda Airport.
Asahikawa Airport > Furano > Tomamu > Sahoro *Photo is example only.
Asahikawa airport, to the family-friendly slopes of the Tomamu Alpha resort, Furano can be accessed by a variety of options from Sapporo (approximately two hours by bus or train), or the even closer
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Asahikawa Airport Direct fligths to Hanamaki Airport Direct fligths to Seoul Incheon Airport Direct fligths to Guam A.B.
Asahikawa Airport by taxi or connecting bus 2 hours 30 minutes from Shin-Chitose Airport on the JR Airport Rapid connecting to JR Special Express "Lilac" at Sapporo Station Go Top Check In Date YOUR RESERVATIONSConfirm/Amend/Cancel reservation Register -
Asahikawa Airport take the bus bound for Furano Ski-jo (12 min.) and get off at "Biei. Station." Free pick-up service from JR Biei Station is available.
Asahikawa Airport on car. * It is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery of Biei and can spend unhurried time.
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Asahikawa AirportAsahikawa Airport (, IATA airport code: AKJ) is a single- runway regional airport in Hokkaido, Japan, near the city of Asahikawa. It is a second class airport.
Asahikawa Airport to Nakafurano Bus stop(50 min) Facilities Internet Access, Bicycle Hire, Linen Included, Towels, Common Room, Bike Parking, Free Carpark, Breakfast Not Included, Web access in lobby, Breakfast Top Of Page * Overview
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Asahikawa airport > bound for Sapporo city Depart from Tomamu > bound for Sapporo airport
Asahikawa airport Depart from Obihiro airport > heading to Tomamu > heading to Sahoro Depart from Asahikawa airport > heading to Furano > heading to Kamui - - Call to enquire about Hokkaido Resortliners Visit Hokkaido Access Network Narita Airport transfer one-way all inclusive at 27000yen Hokkaido Ski Resortliner Bus Waiting Areas - Hokkaido Ski Resort Busliner An affordable and convenient to travel from the airport to
Asahikawa Airport 60 miuntes by car from Asahikawa Airport 180 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport Goto Sumio Museum of Art (20 miuntes by car) Asahiyama Zoo (75 miuntes by car) Rates are based on double occupancy.
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