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This is an airport in Japan

Akita Airport - Akita, Japan (AXT / RJSK) 233 km: New Chitose Airport - Sapporo, Japan (CTS / RJCC) 360 km: Niigata Airport - Niigata, Japan (KIJ / RJSN) Domestic airports near MSJ - 58 km: Aomori Airport - Aomori, Japan (AOJ / RJSA) 102 km: Odate-Noshiro Airport - Kitaakita, Japan (ONJ / RJSR) 127 km: Hakodate Airport - Hakodate, Japan (HKD / RJCH) 143 km: Hanamaki Airport - Hanamaki, Japan (HNA / RJSI) 155 km: Akita Airport - Akita, Japan (AXT / RJSK) find a hotel near MSJ - Local airports near MSJ - 19 km: Hachinohe Ab - Hachinohe, Japan (HHE) related links - * hotel lodging near MSJ * cities near MSJ * latitude/longitude of Misawa Airport * major airports in Japan * major cities in Japan Map of airports near MSJ -
Akita Airport View of Akita Airport in the Japanese Region Tohoku.
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Akita Airport; about 1 hour Akita Airport - Akita Station; 50 minutes by bus Akita Station - Kakunodate Station; about 45 minutes on the Shinkansen Line Kakunodate Station - Tazawako
Akita Airport (distanced approximately 150 km) – airport hotels Get more out of Miyako map - Add placemark to Miyako No placemark has been added to this place yet. You can add the first.
Akita Airport Direct fligths to Niigata Airport Direct fligths to Rishiri Airport Direct fligths to Matsumoto Airport Direct fligths to Yamagata Junmachi Airport Direct fligths to Izumo Airport Direct fligths to Komatsu Airport Direct fligths to Tokyo Narita Airport Direct fligths to Okayama Airport Direct fligths to Hiroshima Airport Direct fligths to Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport Direct fligths to Toyama Airport Direct fligths to Fukuoka Airport Direct fligths to Aomori Airport Direct fligths to Memambetsu Memanbetsu Airport Direct fligths to Osaka Itami Airport Direct fligths to Fukushima Airport Direct fligths to Dalian Airport Direct fligths to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport Direct fligths to Hong Kong Airport Direct fligths to Asahikawa Airport Direct fligths to Hanamaki Airport Direct fligths to Seoul Incheon Airport Direct fligths to Guam A.B.
Akita Airport, Akita (AXT), 156km (97mi) Chitose Airport, Sapporo (CTS), 232km (145mi) Junmachi Airport, Yamagata (GAJ), 270km (168mi) Sendai Airport, Sendai (SDJ), 288km (179mi) Or, view all airports in Japan.
Akita Airport “Royal Sky” Sendai Airport “Business Lounge” Niigata Airport “Airium Lounge” Toyama Airport “Lounge Raicho” Komatsu Airport “Member’s Lounge” Kanto Narita International Airport -Terminal 1 “IASS Executive Lounge 1” -Terminal 2 “IASS Executive Lounge 2” Haneda Airport -Terminal 1 “Airport Lounge (Central) -“Airport Lounge (North) -“Airport Lounge (South) -Terminal 2 “Airport Lounge (Check-in lobby) -“Airport Lounge (North Pier) Kansai/Chubu Kansai International Airport -“Card Member’s Lounge” (Rokko, Kongo, Hiei) -“Smoking Lounge” Itami
Akita Airport * Yamagata Airport * Odate-Noshiro Airport * Misawa Airport * Shonai Airport Kanto * Hachijōjima Airport Chubu * Toyama Airport * Noto Airport * Komatsu Airport Kinki * Kobe Airport * Osaka International Airport (Itami) * Kansai International Airport * Nanki-Shirahama Airport Shikoku * Takamatsu Airport * Kochi Ryoma Airport * Tokushima Airport * Matsuyama Airport Chugoku * Okayama Airport * Tottori Airport * Hiroshima Airport * Iwami Airport * Yamaguchi Ube Airport * Yonago Airport * Izumo Airport Kyushu * Fukuoka Airport * Oita Airport * Miyazaki Airport * Kitakyushu Airport * Kagoshima Airport * Kumamoto Airport * Saga Airport * Nagasaki Airport Okinawa * Naha Airport (Okinawa) * Miyako Airport Domestic * Narita International Airport * Chubu International Airport International Korea * Gimpo International Airport(Service affiliated airports) China * Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport * Hong Kong International Airport * Beijing Capital International Airport(Service affiliated airports) * Dalian International Airport(Service affiliated airports) Transportation Trains・Monorails・Buses * Tokyo Monorail * Keihin Electric Express Railway * Keihin Kyuko Bus
Akita Airport was opened near Araya Beach. 8 Oct, 1961 The 16th National Athletic Meet was held in Akita City.
Akita Airport! On this Sunday, Akita Airport is turning 30 this year! has been serving as an important gate to the Tohoku region since 1981.
Akita Airport on a taxiway parallel to the in-use runway after a daylight non-precision approach (NPA) using a head-up display (HUD).
Akita Airport was scheduled for the morning of 30th December. We expected flight delay or cancellation due to heavy snow in Akita.
Akita Airport NEXT Akita Chuoukoutsu (in Japanease) NEXT Transportation Information (Akita University) NEXT Transportation Information (Akita University) (in Japanease) NEXT Campus Map (Akita University) (in Japanease) Return to
Akita Airportへ飛んでいる航空会社 - All Nippon Airways Delta Air Lines Japan Airlines Cathay Pacific Eva Air Korean Air 私どもは Akita-shiのこれらのホテルを推奨する -
Akita Airport Akita, Japan CTS Sapporo, Japan: Chitose Ab Sapporo, Japan DNA Okinawa, Japan: Kadena Ab Okinawa, Japan FKJ Fukui, Japan: Fukui Airport Fukui, Japan FKS Fukushima, Japan: Fukushima Airport Fukushima, Japan FUJ Fukue, Japan: Fukue Airport Fukue, Japan FUK Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka, Japan GAJ Yamagata, Japan: Yamagata Yamagata, Japan HAC Hachijo Jima Island, Japan: Hachijo Jima Island Hachijo Jima Island, Japan HHE Hachinohe, Japan: Hachinohe Ab Hachinohe, Japan HIJ Hiroshima, Japan: Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima, Japan HKD Hakodate, Japan: Hakodate Airport Hakodate, Japan HNA Hanamaki, Japan: Hanamaki Airport Hanamaki, Japan HNA Morioka, Japan: Hanamaki Morioka, Japan HND Tokyo, Japan: Haneda Tokyo, Japan IKI Iki, Japan: Iki Airport Iki, Japan ISG Ishigaki, Japan: Ishigaki Airport Ishigaki, Japan ITM Osaka, Japan: Itami International Osaka, Japan IWO Iwo Jima, Japan: Iwo Jima Airport Iwo Jima, Japan IZO Izumo, Japan: Izumo Airport Izumo, Japan KCZ Kochi, Japan: Kochi Airport Kochi, Japan KIJ Niigata, Japan: Niigata Airport Niigata, Japan KIX Osaka, Japan: Kansai International Osaka, Japan KKJ Kita Kyushu, Japan: Kita Kyushu Airport Kita Kyushu, Japan KMI Miyazaki, Japan: Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki, Japan KMJ Kumamoto, Japan: Kuroishibaru Kumamoto, Japan KMQ Komatsu, Japan: Komatsu Airport Komatsu, Japan KOJ Kagoshima, Japan: Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima, Japan KUH Kushiro, Japan: Kushiro Airport Kushiro, Japan KUM Yaku Shima, Japan: Yakush Yaku Shima, Japan MMB Memanbetsu, Japan: Memanbetsu Airport Memanbetsu, Japan MMD Minami Daito, Japan: Minami Daito Airport Minami Daito, Japan MMY Miyako, Japan: Miyako Miyako, Japan MMY Miyako Jima, Japan: Hirara Miyako Jima, Japan MSJ Misawa, Japan: Misawa Ab Misawa, Japan MYE Miyake Jima, Japan: Miyake Jima Airport Miyake Jima, Japan MYJ Matsuyama, Japan: Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama, Japan NGO Nagoya, Japan: Nagoya Airport Nagoya, Japan NGS Nagasaki, Japan: Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki, Japan NJA Atsugi, Japan: Atsugi Airport Atsugi, Japan NRT Tokyo, Japan: Narita Tokyo, Japan OBO Obihiro, Japan: Obihiro Airport Obihiro, Japan OGN Yonaguni, Japan: Yonaguni Airport Yonaguni, Japan OGN Yonaguni-Jima, Japan: Yonaguni-Jima Airport Yonaguni-Jima, Japan OIM Oshima Islands, Japan: Oshima Oshima Islands, Japan OIT Oita, Japan: Oita Old Oita, Japan OKA Okinawa, Japan: Naha Okinawa, Japan OKD Sapporo, Japan: Okadama Sapporo, Japan OKJ Okayama, Japan: Okayama Airport Okayama, Japan OKO Tokyo, Japan: Yokota Ab Tokyo, Japan OMJ Omura/Nagasaki, Japan: Omura Omura/Nagasaki, Japan OSA Osaka, Japan: Osaka International Osaka, Japan OSA Osaka, Japan: (Osaka Mean) Osaka, Japan SDJ Sendai, Japan: Sendai Airport Sendai, Japan SHB Nakashibetsu, Japan: Nakashibetsu Airport Nakashibetsu, Japan SHI Shimojishima, Japan: Shimojishima Airport Shimojishima, Japan SHM Nanki Shirahama, Japan: Nanki Shirahama Airport Nanki Shirahama, Japan SPK Sapporo, Japan: Sakuramori Sapporo, Japan SPK Metropolitan Area, Japan: Metropolitan Metropolitan Area, Japan SYO Shonai, Japan: Shonai Airport Shonai, Japan TAK Takamatsu, Japan: Takamatsu Airport Takamatsu, Japan TKS Tokushima, Japan: Tokushima Airport Tokushima, Japan TNE Tanegashima, Japan: Tanegashima Airport Tanegashima, Japan TOY Toyama, Japan: Toyama Airport Toyama, Japan TSJ Tsushima, Japan: Tsushima Airport Tsushima, Japan TTJ Tottori, Japan: Tottori Airport Tottori, Japan TYO Tokyo, Japan: Metro Tokyo-(Mean) Tokyo, Japan UBJ Ube, Japan: Ube Airport Ube, Japan UEO Kume Jima, Japan: Kume Jima Airport Kume Jima, Japan WKJ Wakkanai, Japan: Hokkaido Wakkanai, Japan XWQ Iwakuni, Japan: Iwakuni Mcas Iwakuni,
Akita Airport, drive on Akita Expressway to Yuzawa I.C. for 60 min. 5 min drive from Yuzawa I.C.
Akita Airport: 1 hr 5 min from Haneda Airport, 1 hr 20 min from Kansai International Airport.
Akita airport (175km) * See all airports in Japan.
Akita Airport: 40 mins by car (JAPANICAN) Internet TOPTOUR TOPTOUR Single Double JAPANICAN JAPANICAN Single Double Hotel Albert Hotel Akita
Akita Airport Akita Castle Hotel- Location & Map * Map Options * Reset Map * Increase
(Akita Airport, Aomori Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Hanamaki Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Kansai International Airport, Memanbetsu Airport, Misawa Air Base, Naha Airport, Niigata Airport, Narita International Airport, Osaka International Airport, Sendai Airport, Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport, Tokyo International Airport) JAL Express (Sendai Airport) Korean Air (Incheon International Airport) Sakhalin Airlines (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport) ValuAir (Singapore Changi Airport, programmed charter) The Chitose-Tokyo route is the world's busiest air route, handling
Akita Airport Akune Amami-Oshima Airport Aomori Airport Aomori/Mutsu Bay Asahikawa Ab Asahikawa Airport Ashiya Air Field Ashizuri/Shimizu At Taif Cape Muroto Chitose Airport Chofu Airport Choshi Chubu Airport/Ise Bay Edogawa River / Shinozaki Esashi
Akita Airport * AKUNE * AMAKUSA * Amami Airport * AOMORI * Aomori Airport * AONAE (LGT-H) * ASAHIKAWA * Asahikawa Ab * Asahikawa Airport * Ashiya Ab * ASOSAN * ATSUGI (NPMOD) * Atsugi United States Naval Air Station C - * CHIBA * CHICHIBU * Chichijima *
Akita Airport (AXT): This airport serves 4 airlines. JAL Japan Airlines International, ANA All Nippon Airlines, IBEX Airlines, and Korean Air.
Akita Airport Airport Akita, Japan (AXT) Cheap flights from Hanamaki Airport From: To: More information about Hanamaki Airlines operate flights from/to (Hanamaki airport) * Japan Airlines Cheap flights from Hanamaki Airport * Flights
Akita Airport, JP Amami O Shima Airport, JP Aomori Airport, JP Asahikawa Airport, JP Fukue Airport, JP Fukuoka Airport, , JP Hachijo Jima Airport, JP Hateruma Airport, JP Hiroshima Airport, JP Iki Airport, JP Ishigaki Airport, JP Izumo Airport, JP Kagoshima Airport, JP Hakodate Airport, JP Kikaiga Shima Airport, JP Kitadaito Airport, JP Kochi Airport, JP Komatsu Airport, , JP Kumamoto Airport, JP Kumejima Airport, JP Kushiro Airport, JP Matsumoto Airport, JP Matsuyama Airport, JP Memanbetsu Airport, JP Minami Daito Jima Airport, JP Misawa Airport, JP Miyakojima Airport, JP Miyazaki Airport, JP Monbetsu Airport, JP Morioka Airport, , JP Miyake Jima Airport, JP Nagasaki Airport, JP Nagoya Airport, , JP Nakashibetsu Airport, JP Nanki Shirahana Airport, JP Niigata Airport, JP Obihiro Airport, JP Oita Airport, JP Okayama Airport, JP Oki Airport, JP Okinawa Airport, , JP Okino Erabu Airport, JP Okushiri Airport, JP Osaka Airport, , JP Osaka Airport, , JP Oshima Airport, JP Rebun Airport, JP Rishiri Airport, JP Sapporo/Chitose Airport, , JP Sapporo Airport, , JP Sendai Airport, JP Shimojishima Airport, JP Takamatsu Airport, JP Tanegashima Airport, JP Tokunoshima Airport, JP Tokushima Airport, JP Tokyo Airport, , JP Tokyo Airport, , JP Tottori Airport, JP Toyama Airport, JP Tsushima Airport, JP Ube Airport, , JP Wakkanai Airport, , JP Yakushima Airport, JP Yamagata Airport, JP Yonago Airport, , JP Yonaguni Jima Airport, JP Yoronjima Airport, JP Car Rental: - If you are looking for a rental car at one of the airports in Japan, we can recommend EasyTerra Car Rental Japan.
Akita Airport (AXT/RJSK) Asahikawa Airport (AKJ/RJEC) Chitose - New Chitose Airport (CTS/RJCC) Fukuoka Airport (FUK/RJFF) Hakodate Airport (HKD/RJCH) Hiroshima International Airport (HIJ/RJOA) Hiroshima Nishi Airport (HIW/RJBH) Kagoshima Airport (KOJ/RJFK) Kitakyushu - New Kitakyushu Airport (KKJ/RJFR) Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK) Komatsu Airport (KMQ/RJNK) Kumamoto Airport (KMJ/RJFT) Kunisaki - Oita Airport Kushiro Airport (KUH/RJCK) Matsumoto Airport (MMJ/RJAF) Matsuyama Airport (MYJ/RJOM) Misawa Airport (MSJ/RJSM) Miyazaki Airport (KMI/RJFM) Nagasaki Airport (NGS/RJFU) Nagoya Airfield Naha Airport (OKA/ROAH) Narita International Airport Niigata Airport (KIJ/RJSN) Obihiro - Tokachi Obihiro Airport (OBO/RJCB) Okayama Airport (OKJ/RJOB) Osaka - Kansai International Airport (KIX/RJBB) Osaka International Airport (ITM/RJOO) Sendai Airport (SDJ/RJSS) Takamatsu Airport (TAK/RJOT) Tokyo International Airport (HND/RJTT) Toyama Airport (TOY/RJNT) Ube - Yamaguchi Ube Airport (UBJ/RJDC) Wakkanai Airport (WKJ/RJCW) Yamagata Airport (GAJ/RJSC) Yao Airport (RJOY) Request a quote for air ambulance service.
Akita Airport+ add to myCams AirportCam Osaka+ add to myCams Views of Bembridge Airport from the Terminal Building and Aero Club. Bembcam+ add to myCams Live airport cam from ABC7 / KABC-TV in Los Angeles, southern California.
Akita Airport * Amami Airport * Aomori Airport * Asahikawa Ab * Asahikawa Airport * Ashiya Ab * Atsugi United States Naval Air Station C - * Chichijima * Chitose Ab * Chitose Japanese Air Self Defense